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How 5G will Impact the Mobile App Development Industry in 2021

Ever since advent of internet and mobile phones, technological innovations have virtually invaded our day-to-day lives. And, now were on the verge of another great revolution in the mobile communication realm. Yes, you guessed it right! I am referring to the upcoming 5G revolution! With 5G, get ready to experience a completely new way to connect to the web. 

Undoubtedly, 5G is going to upend the lives of smartphone users in many ways. Many term it as the game-changer and a catalyst for the 4th industrial revolution. Despite causing some disruption across industries, 5G is expected to open up countless business opportunities as well. However, more specifically, 5G will directly affect the mobile application development sphere in more ways than you can imagine. 

Planning to Develop Mobile App for Your Business?

Are you also among the countless businesses that are planning to hire a mobile app development company but not sure whether the app will work well on 5G or not?Wondering whether 5G will affect the mobile app development industry in 2021? In this post, I’ll discuss the many ways in which 5G will affect the mobile application development industry and all that app owners should do to ensure a smooth transition to the 5th generation world.  

What is 5G? Let’s Understand!

People want a technologythat allows seamless connectivity, convenience, speed, accessibility,and more when using their smart phones. While 4G is already doing this, modern customers look for something much better than what’s currently available. They demand instant communications with absolutely seamless &infallible online experience. 

Technology is here to grow only and with that we’ll continue to have newer technological features being rolled out and 5G is one of these amazing technological advancements we all are going to have soon … 

5G is a revolutionary technology that promises to offer blazing fast, reliable, stable, and dependable mobile internet that supports voluminous data transfers in real-time from gobs of connected devices. Many countries across the globe are planning to adopt 5G on a wide-scale. Entrepreneurs, banks, innovators, hospitals, IT firms, and other organizations that depend immensely on the data are going to be amongst the beneficiaries of this new technological revolution. By making copious information easily available, companies will have better control over data that travels at blazing fast speeds. 

How Will 5G Affect Mobile App Development in 2021? 

Unlike its predecessors, 5G isn’t going to inherit features from the previous generations. Rather, it will have a brand-new communication-architecture and that means users will get to enjoy enhanced services! In short, the mobile app development will undergo drastic change as 5G rolls out. If you are planning to hire mobile app developers to build your mobile app, listed below are few of the characteristics of 5G that are going to be instrumental in app development in the future.

High speed connection

One of the biggest factors behind the buzz around 5G is the fast and smooth cellular connection it aims to provide. It also promises 100x speed than what the 4G networks offer, as per many online sources of information. The speeds of data transfer are expected to range between 50Mbit per second and above 2Gbit per second, which is a lightning-fast speed for downloads as well as for file transfer (we can think of). So, the next time you hire someone for iOS andAndroid app development, you know at what speed your app would run?

Reduced latency

The latency exhibited by 4G networks, currently, is 50 millisecondswhich is expected to slash sharply and come down to somewhere around 1 millisecond. Amazed? Wait there is more for you!The Ultra-Reliable-Low-Latency-Communication or URLLC will enable data transfer from one device to another in real-time with least obstacles. 

Improved connection density

With 4G, you can connect up to 2,000 devices in the range of 0.38 sq. miles whereas with 5G this number shoots up to one million or more devices. Together with great connectivity and speed plus low latency and power usage, 5G unleashes a completely new arena for iPhone app development and for the development of IoT (Internet of Things) apps for other operating systems and platforms. 

Augmented capacity

Providing uninterrupted internet and mobile connectivity to millions of audiences remains a challenge for service providers. With 5G, however, this is possible. Great connection densities and increased speeds help boost capacities for organizations. Hence, 5G assures great network traffic optimization and better handling & management of usage spikes as thousands of mobile devices communicate seamlessly with machines, sensors, hardware, and other internet connected devices. 5G will, therefore,influence app development strategy for the IT development company you intend to hire for your app development project. 

More bandwidth

Better connectivity, high radio frequencies, and shorter wavelengths (as compared to 4G) will be the part and parcel of 5G. This is a great news for anymobile app development company, businesses that use apps to sell and market their products/services, and those millions of mobile phone users across the globe. 

Other than these, 5G promises improved precision as well. Not sure? Let me explain! The increased bandwidth supports improved responsiveness and precision required for GPS-enabled, high-precision services. Hire dedicated developers to build a powerful mobile app that makes the most of this mobile revolution called 5G and get ready to grow faster in your business with unprecedented speeds of 5G!


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