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'Lineage W' is the new MMORPG that is sure to have a huge global following. Dive into the details and learn how you can play this exciting new game!

Lineage W Release Nov.4 and Will it Support PC?

Lineage W is the forthcoming online role-playing multiplayer (MMORPG) by NCSoft. It is a fifth major installation of the Lineage series using all Lineage aspects and sharing some Lineage II elements. On 19 August 2021 the game was announced. 

Released in East Asia in November 4, 2022, encompassing South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, South East Asia, Russian Republic, and in part, Middle Asia, as well as the rest in the world, for Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows through the NCSoft Purple platform. The PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch will be released in 2022. The game also supports cross-platform play among mobile devices, computers and consoles.

This game is a part of lineage series which is mentioned below

  • Lineage: released in 1998.
  • Lineage M: A mobile port version of Lineage developed by NCSoft, published in South Korea on June 21, 2017.
  • Lineage W: It is a lineage sequence to be published in 2021 worldwide. The story takes place 150 years after Lineage’s story.
  • Lineage II: A Lineage Prequel, published in 2003. The storey is established 150 years before the Lineage storey.
  • Lineage 2: Revolution, Lineage II direct precursor. The plot is about 100 years before Lineage II: the deity of destruction. The game was developed in 2017 by Netmarble Neo on mobile devices.
  • In November 2019, Lineage 2 M, Lineage II mobile port, was released.

You can choose a story between lord, knight, fairy and woman and discover a dark fantasy world, recreated with great information. You can explore Aden from the original lineage 150 years later.

From a quarterly point of view to a significant siege, Line W is filled with a completely new engine, technology and the classic play and essence of lineage like combat, honour, the oath of blood and sacrifice.

AI-based chat supports players from diverse areas and countries connected to a similar server and keeps real-time conversation between different languages.

Quarter view based on 3D graphics, fight and promise system, following Lineage IP originality and immersive stories. 

The game features a mysterious fantasy world with full 3D graphics and quarter view; various view aspects that turn imagination into reality; a system that succeeds Lineage IP’s originality with improved strike feedback; immersive stories and diverse narratives; improved content for commitments and alliances A single building for the worldwide market, AI translation in real-time, cross-platform PC play and consoles.

Pre-Registrations of Lineage W: 

Lineage W is officially launched later in the year. The official website, Google Play, and App Store can also allow interested users to register before registration.

Pre-registered players receive unique prizes in the game, such as 100k Adena, Red Knights’ Ring I, Red Knights Support Items, and an enhanced scroll pocket. A magic scroll chest will be provided to players who have pre-registered with the Google Play and APP Store to thank you.

The game employs a single version for the global market; it supports “a global fighting community.” This is the most important thing. Various gamers from different nations can work and compete in the same fighting field (server). It contains an AI translation tool, enabling players speaking other languages to communicate on a real-time basis, and a ‘speech-to-text capability that transforms voice to text.

Lineage W also has several platform compatibility. The NCSOFT cross-play technology known as “PURPLE” can enable players to play the game on their PCs. 

On 19 August, NCSOFT began its worldwide registration period at 10 a.m. (KST). On the official website, Google Play and the App Store, pre-Registration for Players is accessible. Once the game is started, all players can buy things in the game.

Players can register on the official website for ‘Lineage W Newsletter,’ opened in mid-October, to obtain the latest game news and information.

Lineage W’s official website features a worldwide online exhibition that is on display. More material and video clips covering different courses and their stories are also accessible.

Will Lineage W come for PC?

NCsoft has pulled another layer of wrapping off and opened Android & Apple pre-registration — the “W” stands for the global debut, after all. 

NCsoft’s Kim Taek-jin supposedly wants to turn this project into a cornerstone of the Lineage, with high quality 3D graphics, a focus on PvP, and methods to assist a worldwide community bridge the gap between languages. More crucially, the PC and the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch are available. This year’s launch is scheduled, which looks quick.

Is Emulator game playing worth it?

The value of PC gaming awareness cannot be emphasized as the smartphone game creation journey proceeds. Mobile phones have small displays and are not intended for longer gaming purposes. You should install an emulator before you may play a mobile phone on a computer. If you want a primary emulator with superior functionality, the LDPlayer emulator is yet another emulator.

Why is LDPlayer the Best Emulator to play Lineage W?

Achievements of LDPlayer

  • LDPlayer was the first-ever Android emulator to turn PUBG: a mobile game on PC into a tremendously popular game. LDPlayer accomplished this achievement within a week of the Google Play Store game being released. Serious gamers rushed to LDPlayer to enjoy the gameplay and access to an Android emulator in large numbers.
  • LDPlayer offers many games, social media, entertainment, education and several other applications in three built-in App Stores. You may now be sure that you can use any application of your liking free of charge on your PC. In addition, finding new ones will be simple, with hundreds of apps to select from.

How is LDPlayer considered best among existing emulators?

An emulator is a tool to use your computer to run mobile apps. LDPlayer is ubiquitous and one of Android’s oldest emulators, especially for gamers. It is one of the longest surviving and most praised Android emulators because of its outstanding features, visually attractive design and its firm that is always looking for security patches.

  • Since LDPlayer outperforms most mobile devices, you don’t need a host device, slowness or delays to bother.
  • There is a simple mapping mechanism with alternative techniques and a wider screen with different adjustable features.
  • If your PC supports LDPlayer up to 120 fps, which provides a fantastic experience for your user.
  • LDPlayer includes screen recording and capabilities to record or to capture memorable images while fighting foes. LDPlayer provides screen recording features.
  • Some games are beneficial with LDPlayer. This significant boost will assist you to describe it in a variety of ways. It would be best if you used the LDPlayer emulator to make a considerable boost.

How to download Lineage W using LDPlayer?

Lineage W is elementary. Use LDPlayer to install on a PC. All you require to do is to use the following instructions step by step to install it:

  • Get LDPlayer and install the software from its official website.
  • Download and install LDPlayer on your PC from its official website.
  • Log in to your account using your Gmail. Build one if you haven’t an account already.
  • Lineage W In any of the three built-in stores of LDPlayer can be found.
  • Suppose that your game in the LDPlayer emulator stores is not available. APK files can be found and clicked, dragged to download and then played.
  • The programme/game can be readily downloaded from your PC in seconds with LDPlayer. 
  • Now it’s ready for your LDPlayer emulator to take advantage of.


LDPlayer improves your experience. In general, games offers significantly more advantages than mobile phones. Although LDPlayer has a larger screen, mobile devices should play LineageW 3rd on your computer. 

Expanded games both affect your phone and limit competition. You can save your smartphone and your money with LDPlayer by playing or utilizing social networking apps. LDPlayer seems to be the best Android emulator available.

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