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Are you sick of all the battery issues every now and then? Find out how to fix your Android phones now.

How to overcome battery issues in Android phones

Are you sick of all the battery issues every now and then? It causes irritation over the head to find peace and quiet when one just wants to casually scroll through social media but the battery drainage is real. But to find the solutions to every problem the first step is to understand why it is happening. The next move will be to find a stop to these subjects. If the concern resolves in the possible ways then it is truly the best. However, if not then replacing the phone should be the following resolution.

What causes the battery smash in the phone?

There is not one answer when it comes to exploring battery problems because there are several components of a phone. It is similar to any other machine that has to be checked thoroughly which part is getting the most influence. It can be due to various factors. But everything in the Android phones connects to each other which also become another reason for the breakdown of a phone when the battery shuts out. 

Battery consumption 

The health of a battery can depend on quite a few reasons. For example, the usage of a mobile indicates the storage or memory just like the battery intake must be a lot too. Therefore it causes problems like overheating. Excessive apps running simultaneously are also one of the culprits. Try to refrain from putting too much pressure on the battery by closing unwanted apps or widgets present on the homepage. The brightness level of the screen also plays a crucial role here, lowering that will help as well.


The concept of overheating and battery drainage is on the same page. It occurs because the same things that cause phone to hang up mean unnecessary stuff opened all the time. The applications take a lot of space in the phone and keep consuming the memory that causes the malfunctioning of the phone eventually leading to the phone getting hot. It also happens due to the battery getting out of date. The exhausted battery won’t do much other than slow down your phone or hangs it right when you needed the device to work the usual. Using fake cables or extensions can also lead to phone hotness as the wires aren’t made to deliver the energy compared to the natural charger. To save the battery from overheating, keep the device in an open area to maintain the temperature.


The most common cause of battery drainage is charging. When the phone doesn’t charge properly or through the right cable it can have effects. It has to be either the original charger or enough good that can possibly provide the same energy required for the battery. The adapter should be checked if it keeps bugging. Even if the phone doesn’t work again make sure to charge your phone by turning its power off or taking it on safe mode.


All other things get the attention but mobile phone wallpapers
users still forget about the little stuff that has a heavy effect. The battery weakness also happens when auto-lock timing is more than 1 minute. To manage it rightly, keep the timing limited to 30 seconds. Everything relates to the screen. If the screen has a lot going on it will show on the hardware part. Using animated live wallpapers also have weight on the screen hence both software and hardware affects by it. 


The battery issues can be resolved if they are on the minimal stage but if it surpass the boundary that means either you have to exchange the battery or change the phone. For that honor 90 is a wonderful option coming with a 5000mAh battery that stays up more than 48 hours.  

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