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We all love a demo, until we are on the wrong end of them. But how cool would it be to have custom demo explosions?

Ideas for Rocket League

Rocket League is a game like no other. Many shooter games and battle royales have many similarities but Rocket League is unique. 

The physics and mechanical aspects of the game have not changed since the very beginning, and we don’t want them to. These ideas provided by Learn Gaming With Us are to improve other areas of Rocket League, such as items, gamemodes, and more. 

Over the years, Pysonix have done exceptionally well at listening to the community and implementing what we want. Therefore, it is likely that some of these ideas might be introduced in the near future.

Car Horns

 This would be a small feature, that may cause controversy. If Pysonix were to release car horns into the game, there would have to be cooldowns and an option to disable car horn noises in your settings. For players wanting to play for fun, this can add to this excitement.


For the extra gamemodes, we have hoops, rumble, snow day, dropshot, and a brand-new playlist for volleyball would be a cool addition.

Black & White Team Colors

Many Rocket League players aspire to have a complete black or white car design. This is only achievable through certain decals by selecting the darkest colors available. This still doesn’t provide a completely white or black car design.

Gold Paints

Very few Rocket League items have gold as an accessible paint. We don’t want gold items to become widely available, but possibly only attainable from completing certain challenges?

Improved Clan System

A clan system was brought to the game many years back but it offered no value besides a unique clan color. The update seemed rushed. A better, improved clan system where clans compete in leagues, play for points, or tournaments would add an incentive to use this system more often.

Underglow Vehicles

We have seen many people requesting this to be an item feature. The underglow could look something similar to the image below (image taken from Reddit), with customizable color options.


How cool would races in Rocket League be? I’m not suggesting a straight line or circular race, but one that would provide challenges to car control as well as speed. Each car could provide different benefits. For example, the Octane could have exceptional handling but be slower in a straight-line speed, whereas, the Dominus could have fantastic straight-line speed but be slower in off road races.

Better Bots

When Rocket League was released in 2015, bots were regarded as ‘good’. But as the standard of players has progressed massively over the years, the bots have exceedingly fallen behind. The modded RL community have created their own bot who has beaten Grand Champions in 1v1 matches. So it is possible to have better bots in Rocket League, just how much time are Pysonix willing to invest in this feature?

Custom Demo Explosions

We all love a demo, until we are on the wrong end of them. But how cool would it be to have custom demo explosions? This worked brilliantly for goal explosions and I think it could be a fan favorite feature if this is added.

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