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The coronavirus is causing many people to miss spending the holidays with family, so get together with multiplayer games online. Here's a list.

Can’t visit family? Play these great online multiplayer games together

With the coronavirus on the rise, many families are opting to get together online for the holidays. Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family and loved ones. That doesn’t need to mean leaving video games behind – why not get everyone involved? Here’s a list of some of the best family-fun multiplayer games around:

Cards Against Humanity

A popular online multiplayer game is Cards Against Humanity.  The popular raunchy card game can be played online via the Playing Cards platform, no download necessary. Pick a time, create a “room,” invite your friends, and hop on a video chat for a hilarious time.


Gayle King revealed on an Instagram Live with that playing Werewolf (with Bradley Cooper, no less) was one of the most “fun things” she’s done online during the quarantine. This multiplayer role playing game allows you to use your own cunning to deceive your friends so you can be the last person “standing” at the end of each round in which the crew tries to decide who is an innocent villager or a meddling werewolf. (It sounds more complicated than it is).

Words with Friends 2

Looking for a brain exercise? Words with Friends 2 online multiplayer game has competitive modes, lightning duels, and one-on-one game play, the popular Words with Friends 2 app makes staying in touch with friends & family a vocabulary-building virtual experience. If you find any difficulty while playing the game you can get help with any easy and free word jumble solver or use the popular word with friends cheat.

Jackbox Games

Hop on the Jackbox bandwagon! The Party Pack 5 includes the beloved pop culture trivia game You Don’t Know Jack, the hilarious hypothetical scenario game Split the Room, a lyric-writing rap battle, and a drawing game called Patently Stupid. Many video games take hours of practice to enjoy, but these party games don’t require button memorization or quick reactions – just wit & creativity.  Jackbox even provides detailed instructions on how to play its online multiplayer games remotely on a whole host of platforms like PC/Mac, Steam, Xbox, mobile & more.

Exploding Kittens

The fun card game Exploding Kittens is now available online, costing $1.99 for both Apple and Android users. With fun graphics, and easy instructions, you can choose to play in single-player mode, or multiplayer with friends. Fair warning that the game is addicting. In fact, it’s so popular that the app rose to the #1 slot in card games on the Apple app store.

Scrabble GO

If your family loves playing Scrabble, connect with them virtually via a multiplayer game night with Scrabble GO, the online app version of the popular board game. The app is free to download on the App Store or Google Play, with an ad-free premium subscription available.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Are you & your multiplayer friends Potterheads? Have fun exploring the world of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery via this Android and iOS mobile game. You can create your own character, and experience life at Hogwarts. And yes, that includes Quidditch.

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game

Fancy yourself a murder mystery detective? Clue: The Classic Mystery Game is now available online as a solo or multiplayer strategy game for $3.99 in the App Store or on Google Play. The online multiplayer version of this classic board game has ten different themes, brain teasers, and varying levels of difficulty, the game will keep you on your toes.

Coin Master

Multiplayer adventure games more your speed? Try your hand at building & defending your Viking village online with the popular Coin Master mobile app game—currently ranked #1 in adventure games on the Apple app store with over 2.5 million reviews on Google Play.

Marvel Strike Force

Immerse yourself in the world of Marvel Strike Force characters with this online multiplayer mobile game available for both Android & iOS users. With stunning graphics, superhero role play, and the ability to assemble your own squad of characters, this free-to-play app will occupy you & your family for hours.


While Ark: Survival Evolved might be a bit too harsh a game for younger players, many older kids can enjoy the challenge it has to offer. Go ahead, get mom & dad hooked at the same time. This multiplayer dinosaur-themed survival series isn’t nearly as much fun to play solo. Grab some family members and dominate the island, research new technologies, and build your fully customizable home overlooking a valley full of velociraptors.


Gamers of all ages have been charmed by Minecraft‘s 8-bit visuals, addictive gameplay, and a focus on building new and artistic creations. Its runaway success is a testament to just how unique the game truly is, in a sea of same-old, same-old. Minecraft is fun for the whole family, and there are plenty of YouTube videos demonstrating what a blast kids can have with their siblings, parents, & friends. Toss in some ray-tracing (if you have the video card to rock it), and you’re good to go!


The multiplayer game Fortnite took the world by storm, and for good reason. It’s a blast to play either in traditional multiplayer co-op or Battle Royale. If you have more than one PC in the house, or you want to team up with family & friends remotely, there are options galore.

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