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Various Services Provided by Betflix Auto Slot

Betflix Auto Slot is a slot machine application that you can install onto your PC and use to play slots. The app offers games like Thunder Storm, Triple Diamond, 7 Rivers, and more. You can even choose the number of pay lines and bet amount to make the game more challenging or easier for yourself.

It is a Web browser application that you can install on your PC. The app has some pretty cool features like its auto-play options, ability to re-spin the coin without entering the slot, lock screen notifications, and ease to use. The app is a great alternative to playing slots at casinos, as it’s much easier to control the game from your PC. For more details about the various services provided by betflix, you can stay focused and have a better understanding.

  • Live Chat 

Betflix has its Live Chat option available 24X7, and it can be accessed through the support section of the app. You do not have to leave your computer to get in touch with the support team at Betflix, as you can type in your query into the Live Chat box, and you will receive a response from one of the live agents from that team. The live chat support service is provided by a team of expert slot machine players, and you can easily get help regarding any slot-related queries.

  • Live Agent

If you don’t like typing a question or query, you can go to their Live Agent; a live agent will respond to all those queries and offer solutions within a few minutes. The live agent can be accessed through the app’s support section, and you will receive a response from a support team very soon. Betflix’s live agent is of great help as they are an expert in dealing with all kinds of slot-related issues and queries; they know how every game works. If your query is constant, then you can go for the email option provided by Betflix, where you can mail them all your queries regarding their slots.

  • Practice Mode

In the practice mode, you can play any slot game without using your real money and get to know the strategies of that particular slot game before actually betting your cash. In the practice mode, you can use the fake currency provided by Betflix to play the slots you want and get used to that particular game. It is a great option when you want to thoroughly review a particular game before playing it with real cash.

  • Email Support

You can access this service by simply going to the support section of the Betflix app; here, there is a great mail option that you can use to directly mail your queries and questions regarding their slots to their email id, and they will respond to it very soon. The email support service is meant for queries that cannot be handled by Live Chat or Live Agent, why you are not receiving any coins or bonuses on your betflix account. The expert slot machine players will handle all your queries and questions within a few minutes.

  • Mobile Version 

Betflix can also be directly downloaded onto your mobile phone, and once it has been downloaded, you can enjoy slots anywhere in the world without any restrictions. It works on every Android phone and every iOS device as well. The mobile version is very handy when you want to play slots at odd hours of the day and you do not have a PC or an Android phone. You can use the mobile version to play slots at any time as expected; it also allows you to enjoy more games as you can download more games in this version.

  • Free Play Mode

Betflix has its Free Play mode that is available to all players. You can play slots for free and win extra credits every time you do so. In the free-play mode, you can also win credits and redeem them for real cash. The mode is a great help for all players who do not want to bet their money in the game but still want to play slots; you can use the fake money provided by Betflix and still get paid once you have reached a certain amount of credits. There are no limits, and you can play as many times as you want.

  • Grabbing Bet Credits and Real Money Chips

Once you have gathered enough credits in the Free Play Mode, it’s time to grab real money chips for slots. Bet Credits can be used to play slots where you can win real money and credits. Once you have accumulated enough credits, go to the currency tab and deposit those credits into your account. You will get a code you can enter on the app to redeem the credits. You get to earn real money chips when you have enough credits in your account.

  • Awesome Games

Betflix is a collection of popular and awesome slot games; there are a lot of different slot games that you can choose from according to your taste and preferences. The app has all the most popular and famous slot games like Thunder Storm, Double Diamond, and many more. Each game has been designed with high-quality graphics and great sound effects, which make it even more interesting to play. In addition, each slot game has many cool features, making it unique in itself; the overall gaming experience provided by Betflix is just awesome.


Betflix is a great app that you must use as it has some amazing, helpful features. You will love playing slots on betflix as it has a lot of high-quality slot games with excellent features and sound effects. The app is a perfect replacement for casinos, and you can use it to play slots at any time of the day or night when you are not at a casino. Try to stay focused and have a better understanding so that you can deal very every situation easily without any problem.

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