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What's the 'Among Us' update gonna look like? Find out all the possible improvements for this addicting game.

All the quality-of-life changes to expect from an ‘Among Us’ update

Among Us has become a must-have game during this pandemic as it’s easy to play (but not easy to win!). Not only is this game fun, but it’s become a way for people to cope with social distancing as many players choose to create rooms to interact with their friends.

Despite its undeniable success, players think there’s room for improvement. While InnerSloth initially confirmed a sequel to the game, it was later canceled, causing fans everywhere to feel a little disappointed. However, some of the new ideas for the second game will be added as an update to the first, and Among Us fans might already have an idea of what they’d like to see.

Here are some things Among Us players would like to see for the updated version, which could drastically improve the game. We’re not saying any of these are actually going to be included in the update – just wishful thinking.

Activities for ghosts

Let’s be honest here, the worst part of being killed while playing Among Us is being stuck doing tasks as a ghost without any of the actual fun. It might be somewhat entertaining to wander and see what the other players are doing, but it gets boring fast.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was other stuff to do? For instance, we could help out other players. This was actually discussed by the game’s developer, InnerSloth, and was even hinted at a “guardian angel” feature could appear in newer versions.

Maybe ghosts could also make the game a bit harder – even sabotage as well! At the very least, we could get an additional feature so ghosts can fight each other. The only thing we’re asking for is more stuff to do once we’re killed, especially if we were unlucky enough to be the first ones to die.

Voice chat

Among Us has a thing or two to learn from League of Legends. One of the obvious ones is the integrated voice chat currently used in the League of Legends game. With this type of multi-player game, it’s necessary to communicate easily. While Among Us has an in-game text chat, it’s definitely easier to discuss who’s being the most suspicious player over a voice chat.

Obviously, we would need ghosts to have either the voice chat disabled, or have another voice channel just for them. This second idea would be great if combined with activities for the dead players!

Right now, it just seems like the in-game chat isn’t good enough. We have the option to use Discord, but it would be easier if the game was already equipped with voice chats.

Other game modes

Another good idea would be to include a game mode with classes so we could strategize a bit more. Maybe this would make it too much like League of Legends, but it could actually work! (Really, just hear us out.)

The game could also feature a counter-clock challenge or other mini games to really exploit the interesting spaceship set-up. The key would be to keep the original game intact as well so players can still get what they came for.

Reporting trolls

The third lesson from League of Legends, and probably the most important one, is troll-blocking. Many people join games to be the impostor, but when they get assigned as crewmates, they abruptly leave the game. We feel like adding a time penalty like in League Of Legends could keep trolls from entering and leaving rooms so nonchalantly.

There also needs to be a feature to report players with inappropriate names. Among Us is played by a huge demographic, which definitely includes children. People also choose hate-inciting names for the sake of trolling.

We still don’t know what to expect from the Among Us update. Maybe none of these ideas are really possible (we’ll have to see what happens with the game code). Still, we hope InnerSloth takes some of the fans’ feedback into account.

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  • Really!? You don’t want people to have the ability to choose when they want to leave for whatever reason. For example, LoL gives you time punishments, even if you just disconnect due to internet issues! So, either don’t do this or just have a system that detects why you left with error codes and stuff like that.

    October 20, 2020
  • When release…im so excited

    January 4, 2021

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