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'Among Us' is so popular these days it isn't unusual for the servers to get overwhelmed. Here's what to do to get back in the game.

Server errors: How to play ‘Among Us’ even when the servers act up

It’s the bane of all gamers: server errors. Why? Because it a) disrupts the game and b) you have no control over when such things occur. It’s annoying and an inconvenience, especially when it happens right in the middle of a game. And yet, it happens to us all! With the rise in popularity of Among Us, there has definitely been some issues with server crashes on the mobile and PC game.

Given the recent surge in popularity, the servers crashing have become something of a routine for players to deal with while trying to figure out who is an Imposter and who is a fellow crewmate. So what do you do when the Among Us servers are being annoying AF? Is there a way to fix the server crashes for the indie game? Or is there a workaround in the works?

Sudden success and growth

To be fair to the team over at InnerSloth, the popularity of Among Us kind of came out of nowhere for them. The game was released back in 2018. Due to the livestreams on Twitch and YouTube, however, there was a sudden and exponential growth in people playing the game. Given the small indie nature of everything, the poor servers are running at max capacity. 

Right now? The team is probably majorly scrambling in order to keep up with the sudden increase of players. Due to that, however, the servers just keep getting overwhelmed and crashing. While InnerSloth tries to solve that problem for their newly insanely popular game, players have come up with their own methods of a quick reconnection for Among Us.

Seriously, give InnerSloth a break, at the end of September there was a reported 3 million concurrent players online for the game. They’re trying their best to stabilize everything, but these things take time.

What to do when the servers go down

You’re playing Among Us and the server crashes. What do you do? Well, one thing is changing out your server region. For example, if you’re unable to log into the North American server, then try logging into the European or Asian one before going back to America. That usually solves the issue for some players that have been kicked from the server. 

Additionally, there’s the oldest tried and true method when dealing with technological misfirings: turning something on and off again. People reported that closing and reopening the game also fixes the issues. Of course, if the servers for every region goes down across the board? Then these fixes won’t work at all.

Usually with that you just need to wait it out for the servers to come back online and then return to your game. It’s a pain, we know, but it’s just something that has to be dealt with right now as Inner Sloth tries to fix the issue to the best of their ability, you know? Patience being a virtue and all that.

Is there anything else we can do? 

Outside of playing less Among Us? Probably not. The issue right now is demand. InnerSloth have made one of the most popular games in 2020 back in 2018. Now they have to deal with a sudden influx of players playing the game all the time. The biggest issue for them is that they’re just too popular right now. With that, they need to figure out how to quickly accommodate things.

Right now, the best thing that fans and players of Among Us can do is be understanding for the developers of this indie game. At the very least, you know some quick hacks now to get you playing again in no time. 

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