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There are tons of swimming trunk options for overweight men looking to hit the beach. Check out DailyJocks options here.

6 best swim trunks for overweight men

Sizes up to 6XL are available in the excellent swimming trunks for obese guys. These trunks are ideal for big guys who want to go to the beach or the pool. They’re fashionable and UV-protective, and they match nicely with the top swim shirts.

We spent two years analyzing and exploring across most online or offline clothes stores as a plus-size guy weighed over 340 pounds. Just in time for summer, We’ve compiled a list of six fantastic options that we believe you should consider purchasing. The best swim trunks for fat guys are listed here, and many types of swim trunks are available every day on sites like SwimOutlet and DailyJocks.

DailyJocks began as a men’s underwear blog and has since evolved into one of the most popular online shopping sites, allowing you to shop for all of your underwear, swimwear, and designer sportswear requirements with simplicity and convenience, no matter where you are in the country.

Men’s Kanu Surf Miles Swim Trunks

Kanu Wave swimming trunks are 100% polyester and come in 16 different styles to make you look amazing at the seaside or even by the pool. Kanu Surf sells a variety of swim shorts for big guys, ranging from small to 5X. Their shorts are made of microfibre and have a UPF rating of 50+. Its daily jacks are very helpful.

Male’s Large & Big Simple Swim Trunk from DXL 

Because these swimming shorts are from DXL, they’re a great fit for big and bulky guys. They appealed to me because they are more traditional and look fantastic even if you’re not going for a swim. Plus, they come in sizes ranging from 6XL to 4XLT, and they’ll fit most big guys perfectly.

The 9-inch inseam on these swim trunks provides excellent crotch comfort. They also have a mesh inner core and an elastic waistband. You can also get them in five solid colors and two shaped designs, all of which are attractive.

Champion Swim trunks for big and tall men

Another great option is that this Titleholder enters the water trunks for plus-size men. They come in sizes ranging from 1/10 to zoom and are very light and comfortable. They are best for everyone; you can get them in three different camo patterns to make you stand out at the beach.

These chubby guys’ swim trunks are made of 100 percent polyester and dry quickly. They have a lace-up top, lattice lining, and side pockets, just like the other options.

Men’s Swim Trunks Rapid Dry Swim Shorts by TRAILSIDE SUPPLY CO.

These oversized guy board shorts are only available in sizes 4X and up. They’re made entirely of polyester, so they’ll feel silky smooth against your skin. They also have a mesh inner core, a corner stitching pocket, and a drawstring.

Uideazone Men’s Zippered Adjustable strap Waist Rapid Dry Seaside Swim Trunks

The above track pants are indeed the ones to consider if you’re looking for something stylish to wear. They come in 37 different styles and colorations that are certain to have you much attention. They are, however, only available in many sizes up to 3XL, and as such, many people among us may struggle to find a suitable pair.

These open water trunks are made entirely of polyester and have the same quick-drying properties as others. Two lateral pockets, a mesh trying to line on the inside, and a zippered stretchy waistband round out the features.

NORTY Swim Trunks for Men in Extra Large Sizes

When we go on vacation, these fat man swim trunks are one of our favorites. They’re made of 100 percent polyester and have a stretchy midriff as well as a drawstring for just a perfect fit, just like the other options. They do, however, have four large compartments that are ideal for storing all of your essential items.

They come in various styles and colors and are available in various sizes ranging from small to 5XL. 


Oversized men needn’t worry anymore! Now, they can also enjoy quality time at the poolside or beach. With the help of many trunks options available, they can pick their favorite design and size and get the opportunity to obtain more Vitamin D naturally. 

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