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Yuqun Huang: Bridging Cultures through Motion Design

Yuqun Huang is a motion designer whose work is as global as her background. With a life split across three countries—China, Australia, and the US—Yuqun’s designs reflect a unique blend of cultural influences that speak to a diverse audience. Currently, she is making waves at yU+co, a prestigious design firm, where she has played a pivotal role in developing title sequences for high-profile projects like *The Little Mermaid* and *Star Wars: Ahsoka*. Her personal projects, including the award-winning ‘Mantras of Burning Man: A Meditative Journey,’ showcase her deep commitment to exploring and expressing complex themes through visually engaging narratives.

Your journey has spanned across China, Australia, and the US. How has this influenced your approach to motion design?

“My upbringing in China introduced me to the rich heritage of visual symbolism, which has deeply influenced my appreciation for conveying narratives through art. Australia exposed me to a blend of cultures, enhancing my creative scope with its vibrant, dynamic art scene. In the US, the diversity I encountered expanded my understanding of global artistic expressions, allowing me to create designs that are not only inclusive but also universally resonant.”

At yU+co, you’ve worked on major titles like *The Little Mermaid* and *Star Wars: Ahsoka*. Could you share insights into your creative process for these projects?

“Each project at yU+co challenges me to merge technical skill with creative vision. For *The Little Mermaid*, exploring underwater-themed style frames was particularly exciting, while *Star Wars: Ahsoka* allowed me to delve into creating complex 3D sequences. These experiences push me to refine my skills continuously, ensuring that each title sequence not only meets but exceeds our clients’ expectations.”

Your project ‘Mantras of Burning Man’ has been widely acclaimed. What inspired this project, and what do you hope viewers take from it?

“Inspired by the ethos of Burning Man, I wanted to capture the festival’s spirit of freedom and self-discovery. Utilizing mandalas to represent inner exploration seemed fitting. My aim is for viewers to experience a sense of meditation and reflection, encouraging them to ponder their own life’s journey and cultural heritage.”

 ‘Slashie’ explores integrating work and personal life. What drove you to create this film, and what themes are you exploring?

“Discussing life-work balance with my friend Yani sparked the concept for ‘Slashie.’ This film is about embracing life passionately and finding joy beyond the conventional work hours. It’s an invitation to viewers to live vibrantly, exploring all facets of their lives with enthusiasm.”

Having won the gold award at the Muse Awards 2024 for ‘Slashie,’ could you tell us about the film’s inspiration and the significance of this recognition?

“As I navigated my own challenges balancing personal interests with professional demands, ‘Slashie’ emerged as a creative outlet to explore these themes. Winning at the Muse Awards validated my approach to storytelling and reinforced the importance of personal expression in my work.”

Your work often delves into complex themes, like Carl Jung’s mandala theory. How do you translate these ideas into engaging motion design?

“Translating complex theories into motion design starts with understanding the core ideas, often through academic research. My design process involves distilling these concepts into visual metaphors that are both engaging and accessible, making abstract theories comprehensible to a broader audience.”

 How do you maintain versatility in your projects while staying true to your artistic vision?

“My approach is flexible, adapting to the project’s needs while ensuring my artistic voice remains distinct. Whether I’m working on a sci-fi film or a corporate explainer video, I tailor my style to best suit the narrative, ensuring both innovation and authenticity in my designs.”

Can you share a memorable moment from your career and any challenges that have shaped you?

“One unforgettable moment was the premiere of ‘Monkey King’ at a Netflix event, seeing my work on a giant screen was surreal. Daily challenges like keeping the content engaging have honed my skills, pushing me to think creatively and stay passionate about my craft.”

How do you use social media to connect with your audience and showcase your work?

“Social media is a platform where I share my completed projects, drawing inspiration from peers who regularly post their work. This practice not only helps in reaching a wider audience but also encourages me to continually progress and complete my projects.”

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