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What made Rihanna's Savage X Fenty show so iconic? Check out why everyone's talking about her latest fashion show.

Everything to know about the Savage X Fenty show

Just when we think we can’t possibly love Rihanna more, she drops the world’s best fashion show. Last week the world was shook by Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 2 event, which was streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

The show featured lots of celebrities including Rosalía, Bad Bunny, Cara Delevigne, and Lizzo. Whether they showed up to perform or to model, one thing is for sure: we got to see many important names that night.

We have the best reactions to the most iconic show of 2020. Check out what the internet had to say about Rihanna’s fashion show.

Why didn’t this happen before?

One of the most common reactions was “finally!” People everywhere felt like they were finally getting the representation they’ve been waiting for. While it’s been a while since body positivity became a major issue, now we’re actually seeing the results reflected in the fashion world.

Rihanna showed everyone how to do it and excel at it. She definitely proved how casting all types of people for a fashion show can be both a statement and a chic move.

Twitter user @Mackere said what we were all thinking. But we now have a question keeping us at night: how long before we see another iconic & diverse runway?


It was October 2nd, the clock finally struck 9, and people were ready for this life-changing event. Ever since the trailer of the Savage X Fenty Show was released, people knew the fashion world was about to witness one of the biggest events ever.

Then, the call finally came. At 9 P.M. sharp we got a tweet from @SavageXFenty which read, “We’re LIVE #SAVAGEXFENTYSHOW #RIHANNA”. In response, user @softjunebreeze had the GIF which best represented every single one of us.

We couldn’t have subtweeted a better GIF than Paris Hilton running to get in her car while wearing a nightgown. We really wish we could’ve literally jumped in a car and seen the event live.

Plethora of emotions

The Savage X Fenty show was impressive from the get-go. Rihanna’s fashion show had everything we could’ve hoped for and more. It featured amazing pieces from her collection modeled by stunning people, as well as great music, and amazing choreographies.

Less than an hour after the first tweet, we got another relatable tweet from @softjunebreeze. We don’t think we could convey what we felt in a better way.

Savage X Fenty was a legendary event that had us in tears – maybe more literally than we would like to admit. We’re so grateful to live in a time when we got to see a show like that.


As amazing as the Savage X Fenty show was, there’s still a situation in need of addressing: the problematic choice of music. Overall, Rihanna’s fashion show was a great example of the type of inclusivity we’d been waiting for. Unfortunately, one song managed to offend one community, and the incident didn’t go unnoticed.

The show included a song titled “Doom,” which happens to include samples of a hadith, a sacred Islamic text.

Twitter user @ayagssm expressed her feelings about the song, saying she felt her religion was disrespected. She also requested an apology from both Rihanna and the song’s creator.

Coucou’s apology

“Doom” got a lot of negative attention, making it impossible to ignore the issue. Coucou Chloe, the creator of the infamous song, tweeted an apology for using samples of Baile Funk without doing the appropriate research.

In a subtweet to Coucou’s apology, user @manaaaalu expressed how the apology couldn’t be accepted since the song was originally released two years ago, which means Coucou had enough time to correct her mistake. Additionally, user @pipouchouette replied to @manaaaalu, saying the title of the song directly references the lyrics.

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