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“Hey, where did Paris Hilton go? What’s she up to today?” If you've asked these questions - we have the answer! Here's everything you need to know.

What’s Paris Hilton up to today? Watch her documentary ‘This is Paris’

You don’t hear much about Paris Hilton these days. After soaking up the limelight in the 2000s she’s been going under the radar these days. This might leave you wondering, “Hey, where did Paris Hilton go? What’s she up to today?” We’ve definitely had this thought once or twice over the past few years.

Well, now we have an answer for you. Over the course of a year Paris Hilton has worked alongside Emmy-winning director Alexandra Dean to make the YouTube Original documentary This is Paris.

Hilton recently went on The Talk to discuss the upcoming documentary, which is set for a release on September 14th of this year.

Hilton talks about how the documentary was very therapeutic for her, and helped her to release a lot of trauma she had dealt with growing up. Apparently, growing up in a private boarding school Hilton dealt with mental abuse – something she’s never really talked about.

A short clip from the documentary was also unveiled on The Talk, despite the fact there isn’t a trailer yet. The 30-ish second clip shows a casually dressed Paris Hilton admitting she’s nervous. So nervous she’s having difficulty eating – she continues saying, “it’s very personal and not something I like talking about”.

A voiceover from Hilton says, “no one really knows who I am,” as we see her seemingly prepping for something.

Paris Hilton’s interview on The Talk gives her the chance to say she thinks people will “see a different side” of her than they’ve ever seen before. She also says, “I honestly didn’t even know who I was up until this year. So I really learned a lot about myself through this film”.

Paris Hilton went to a boarding school in Utah growing up and has now admitted she still has nightmares from the abuse she endured while she was there.

In the interview Hilton also admits to having played a character for most of her life without even realizing it. Pretending to be happy and love everything, she likens it to wearing a mask. She says she did it to distance herself, but didn’t even know she was doing it until she was working on her truth-telling documentary.

In January of this year Paris Hilton put an 11 and a half minute video on her official YouTube page hyping up her documentary. It shows her at what looks like a YouTube event celebrating the documentary and gives her an opportunity to talk about This is Paris in an honest and sincere way.

The film was originally intended to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in May, however due to the pandemic, the festival has been indefinitely postponed.

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