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Are you tired of wearing the same clothes? Luckily, Micarah Tewers has got you covered! Check out all her crazy outfits you can make at home!

Micarah Tewers: The craziest lewks from the fashion YouTuber

Picture this: It’s 2021, and you haven’t learnt any useful skills or gone shopping for that fantastic outfit you were dying to have. You’re bored of online stores, but you know you’ve got clothes and adult diapers somewhere laying around. What do you do? Do you sit at home crying over that one decent party outfit? Or do you watch Micarah Tewers’ revolutionary YouTube channel about how to create something spectacular? We pick Micarah Tewers!

If you don’t already know this fashion influencer, Micarah Tewers is a DIY YouTuber who turns ordinary objects into the most extraordinary outfits. She’s one of a kind with her optimism and money-saving attitude. In fact, the YouTuber never throws anything away that’s worth saving. No, we’re not talking about hoarding, we’re talking about going through a total fashion transformation! 

The YouTuber with over 1.62 million subscribers has taken the DIY fashion industry by storm and we’re taking another look at some of her most iconic outfits. 

Valentine’s Day

Let’s be real, if we could make a beautiful satin dress like Micarah Tewers for any occasion, of course we’d choose Valentine’s Day! Teweres takes the audience step by step and explains how she got such an incredible design. 

Micarah Tewers also jokingly admits that her gorgeous short dress with polka-dot sleeves design actually came from everybody’s favorite Shonda Rhimes series Bridgerton. It looks like Tewers is the “Diamond of the season” in this red dress.

Flaming feathers

We all know Kendall Jenner is the supermodel of the family, but did you know you could actually recreate her orange Met Gala 2019 dress? Thanks to Micarah Tewers, we all can! 

Tewers shows her subscribers exactly how to design and recreate this beaming dress for only $40-$50! And the fashionista YouTuber reminds fans that you can really have fun with gowns and design them for you! Let’s not forget about those gorgeous feathers.

Just like Kylie Jenner

Though Kylie Jenner is in the press for some crazy money scandals, Micarah Tewers is here to tell you that you can recreate her looks for cheap! Tewers was also inspired by the youngest & stylish Kardashian-Jenner star at the 2019 Met Gala. In fact, she designed a similar gown and included every purple fluff ball from head, wrist, to toe.

Merry Christmas

Kylie Jenner’s beautiful purple Met Gala dress wasn’t the only inspiration for this seamstress, as the YouTuber also designed and stitched together an incredible green gown which she made for only $20! According to Insider, the dress was made from a bedsheet she found in a thrift store alongside some killer fabric she bought from Goodwill.


If you’re still not impressed by the perfect gowns, then take a look at Tewers’s extremely retro outfit made by a piece of furniture! This dress, blazer, and airhostess-like hat was designed from someone’s old broken couch! Though you may say Jackie Kennedy or Meghan Markle, this is clearly designed by the legendary Micarah Tewers. 

Not only did she create something so vintage it screams the 1960s, but you don’t have to wear the entire outfit all in one go, you could definitely pull off the dress at your next upscale event, and pair the blazer with any other cute piece of clothing. Don’t forget the cute hat!

Got diapers?

Micarah Tewers’s videos are nothing without her hilarious sense of humor, and of course that sense of style. But in a 2019 YouTube video, the DIY star has blown our socks off yet again, in her crazy diaper wedding gown. Yes, a wedding gown made completely out of adult diapers! The off the shoulder tight fit dress is gorgeous and will definitely soak up all those tears. 

Do you enjoy a good DIY YouTube channel? Have you been inspired by other great fashion influencers? Let us know in the comments below. 

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