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Today, we’ll discuss three iconic men’s hats in movies that have not only helped define one’s character, but also left an indelible mark on pop culture.

How Accessories Build a Character: 3 Memorable Hats in the History of Cinema

When speaking of movies, we usually think about the plot, cast, and directors and rarely about such an essential aspect as the designers that work on the characters’ image. In fact, the Oscars even have a special category called Best Costume Design that celebrates the people who create all the amazing outfits for the movie characters. And although the clothing is important, smaller details such as subtle accessories might also be the ones that do, in fact, build a character’s outfit, as well as the public’s perception about him. Today, we’ll discuss three iconic men’s hats in movies that have not only helped define one’s character, but also left an indelible mark on pop culture.

Alex DeLarge’s bowler hat in A Clockwork Orange 

Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 movie A Clockwork Orange is one of the most famous dystopian movies of all times, particularly known for its charismatic antihero  Alex DeLarge portrayed by Malcolm McDowell. Contrary to its connotations before the airing of the movie, in this masterpiece the bowler hat became a symbol of rebellion and violence. The hat’s circular shape and black color create a powerful contrast to the chaotic and violent nature of Alex’s character, also serving as a visual representation of the clash between societal order and individual freedom. Kubrick’s choice to feature the bowler hat highlights the distorted sense of morality in this dystopian world, thus making it a truly unforgettable accessory in cinematic history.

Thomas Shelby’s Irish flat cap in Peaky Blinders

The British series Peaky Blinders aired on the small screen in 2013 and has quickly gained international admiration for its unique plot, charismatic characters, and amazing historic atmosphere. The Irish flat cap worn by the characters deserves a special mention and became a signature accessory of the Shelby family, led by the enigmatic Thomas Shelby played by Cillian Murphy. The flat cap added a touch of old-world charm and authenticity to the characters’ personas and emphasized the powerful image of the Shelbys. These Irish men’s hats from Gaelsong for example are also surprisingly easy to wear in everyday life, so that every enjoyer of the series can upgrade his wardrobe in a stylish way. 

Indiana Jones’ fedora hat in the Indiana Jones franchise 

When speaking of iconic men’s hats in movies, it would be a crime not to include the well-known fedora hat worn by the adventurous archaeologist, Indiana Jones. After the first movie Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark aired back in 1981, the fedora quickly became a synonym for adventure, in contrast to its previous reputation. From facing traps in ancient temples to battling Nazi agents, Indiana Jones relies on his fedora as a practical and stylish accessory that stays atop his head even during the most dangerous situations and can even be used as a weapon when needed. With its wide brim and characteristic crease, the fedora has become an indispensable part of the character and today it is safely kept at the Lucasfilm Archives in Marin County, California. 

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