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Choose your perfect swimsuit with American Eagle

Warm dry days are calling us all in. They are missing our cheerful smiles. Summer sunlight is looking forward to wrapping our sexy bodies in suntan. Well, not all the parts of your body will have the honor to greet the sunbeams and sunbathe. You are going to wrap the most piquant ones in American Eagle’s swimsuits. They will stay in the shadow. They prefer to be this way. Deploy American Eagle coupon code to get a swimsuit on a special and show just enough of your sexy body to cause the whirlpool of butterflies in gazers’ stomachs.

You may not want to upgrade your swimsuit collection at a single purchase. New collections may come out like a bolt from the blue. Who knows when swimsuit designers get inspired and release new designs? The only reason why you may keep off the way of shopping in bursts is shipping costs. This isn’t a problem at American Eagle’s. If you know a place abundant in free shipping promo code, you will pick one and secure your complimentary shipping. 

The call of summer

In the summertime, days don’t simply pass by. They fly by at the speed of light! It happens to all things that we enjoy so much. This is one of the laws of the universe. We can put it as follows, “The more you enjoy it, the less of it you have”. Could you please be a good sport and recall your previous summer? Did it feel like it dragged on? Not a single warm season in your life has evoked a feeling as if it drags on an unhappy existence.

What about your summer vacation? Those few wonderful weeks you’ve got once a year to live a life of aimless ease and luxury make a truly priceless moment in your life. No matter how you adore your job, savoring a few weeks in a fine beachside hotel sounds mesmerizing. It sounds so alluring that you may leave this page right now and begin to look for a room to reserve. There may be a room with a queen-sized bed and a wall-sized panoramic window overlooking the sky-blue ocean. Or it could be a super-luxury wicker house cozily nested on wood pillars in the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Maldives coastline. 

Tips on how to choose your perfect swimwear

You may be an ace in buying the right swimwear online. Or you may be a bit new to it. Whatever your case is, broadening your horizons is always a good thing. We would like you to check out a handful of tips on how to find your perfect swimsuits. The ones that will match your body and make you look head-turning. A key to finding the perfect swimwear lies in identifying your body shape. 

1. Pear shapes enjoy a traditional fix.

If nature has gifted you with the pear shape, you have smaller breasts and curvy things and hips. Your perfect swimsuit is something that covers your bottom half. The best solution to minimize the bottom is to put on a high wasted skirted bottom swim skirt. This type loosely falls over the largest part of the thighs. 

The swim skirt does a brilliant job slimming your tummy, accentuating your feminine curves. At American Eagle’s, you ought to check the Skirts in the Activewear section to get your bottom properly covered up. 

2. The small bust is teased by gaping cups.

The small bust shape suggests that you fall within the A to B cup range. It also means that you may be in a terrible struggle with gaping cups. To fix the problem you ought to look for lifting mesh and shallow cups.

Small bust bras are split into two categories. These include bras with straps and strapless bras. Let’s check what the former has got to offer.

American Eagle provides a clear-cut classification for its bra assortment. You can narrow down the search by filtering out all the bra types but strapless ones. 

3. The large bust has juicy cleavage where support is key.

If you have prominent breasts, you may know all too well what difference the proper support of your top makes. For women endowed on top underwire bikini top yields lavish comfort. Among American Eagle’s recommended offers, Aerie underwire bikini tops take the leading position. We suggest that you go into the orbit of underwire bikini bras with sculpted support and adjustable straps. The rule of the thumb says that thicker straps provide greater support.

One-piece swimsuits make a growing trend nowadays. This type is the least revealing but has no rivals in bust support. You can even do cliff diving and never be afraid to have to come out of the water with your hands covering your breasts. You will always come out in one piece. 

4. Curvy strikes a balance between showing the curves and securing support and coverage

Women with gorgeous taste don’t have to limit themselves to one-piece swimsuits. This type of swimwear does make an excellent choice, especially if it comes with a belt to accentuate the waist. But the swimwear market blooms with many other not less viable options.

Asymmetrical one-pieces make people’s attention focus on the neckline. The area from your collarbone to the neck finds itself in the center of attention. American Eagle is looking forward to pleasing you with cut-out, ribbed, and crinkle models. We find the Aerie ribbed shine asymmetrical one-piece swimsuit stunningly hot. Thanks to the side cutout at straps this swimsuit looks so head-turning. 

5. All the athletic needs are less fabric.

As befits the athletic women, you are likely to look like the women who the king of Sparta Leonidas I mentioned in his impudent speech to Xerxes in the 300 movie. He said that the women of Sparta could hectically join the Spartans’ rank and fight Xerxes’ hordes or slaves. The women of Sparta looked just like you. They worked out a lot. They were strong and fit. They were athletic.

To get yourself a piece of swimwear that suits you, you ought to play with your curves by dressing up in a scorching hot, revealing bikini. The world must see how fit and strong your body is. 

The body shape is key but you ought to try it on. 

Some swimsuits are versatile. For example, one-piece suits the petite athletic bodies, as well as the juicy curves. At the same time, the athletic yields a greater look when dressed in once-pieces with large and multiple cutouts. Some suits are destined to work only for specific body shapes. The pear shape isn’t going to feel its best in tie-side bikinis that work fantastic for the athletic one. The same goes for the tops of small and large busts. You ought to try on various suits until you find the ones that flatter your silhouette best. 

You should go easy on adjustable strips and ties, no matter what body shape you have. Straps and ties allow you to roundly fit the suit to your curves. Let your brand-new ally of American Eagle fuel your summer beach closet with the swimsuits that are comfy, on-trend, and make you feel your most comfortable. 

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