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Wearing bras under dresses just got a little easier! From tape to covers, here's how you can step out in style without worrying about showing too much.

6 Types of Bras to Wear Under Dresses

Fashion-forward dresses are hot right now. From the curve-outlining ones to the backless and strappy ones, they look so good, but you can’t help but wonder: where am I going to wear this? You can’t definitely go braless. Luckily for you, girls, there is a solution.

There’s a bra for every dress situation, even for those lace dresses from Hello Molly you’ve been dying to pair with your favorite heels. So do not be nervous about whether your girlies will stay put.

If you love complicated dresses but don’t want to sacrifice comfort or coverage, this article’s for you. With the right bra, you can pull off those gorgeous dresses with zero worries—and feel great.

bras under dresses

Types of Bras to Wear Under Dresses

Dresses, especially those from Hello Molly, are the perfect wardrobe staple, but finding a bra to go with it can be tricky. We created this helpful and rounded up our top picks for the most versatile undergarments to go with your options.

bras under dresses

Strapless Bra or Bodysuit

These kinds of bras are ideal for strappy dresses. Strapless bra stays up without the aid of straps around the shoulders.

There are two main ways to hold up a strapless bra: either lying flat against the skin or having silicone cups and adjustable elastic straps. Try a bodysuit to avoid the strap sliding down if you have big busts.

bras under dresses

Adhesive Bra

Bras without bands are a must for backless and strapless dresses. It is a brassiere or bra with no straps, back, or cups. These adhesive bras adhere directly to the skin, so they go on easily and can stay in place all day.

bras under dresses

Bra Converter or Racerback Bra

When you wear a sleeveless dress, there’s a good chance your bra straps will show. These bras are perfect for sleeveless, V-line, and racerback dresses.

Also, you do not need to splurge money for a new bra that is right for your dress. A convertible bra can be used in various ways and looks completely seamless under clothing. Converters help pinch your strap, so they are undetectable under clothing.

bras under dresses

Plunge Bra

Plunge bras are the answer when you need a low-necked top to show off your assets. These super-sexy styles offer a deep “U” shape and are perfect for plunge neckline dresses.

Necklines extending below your clavicle are incomparable for these bras that will make you look fabulous. They are made of molded foam so that they will stand up to the weight and pressure from even your heaviest ornaments.

bras under dresses

Boob Tape

A boob tape helps keep everything in place. It is also perfect for dresses with plunging necklines. It is made of a transparent film that adheres invisibly yet comfortably to the skin and stays put under clothing. Plus, it has different color schemes.

You can use boob tape as many times as you like. It will not deteriorate over time and can be washed away with water just like any other label.

bras under dresses

Nipple Covers or Lifting Tape

Sure, boob tape is a thing now. But why tape your boobs when you can apply them right to your skin? And that’s exactly what these sticky covers and lifting tapes are designed to do under your dress.

Nipple covers and lifting tape are good for slit and cut-out dresses. They are also the best possible solution for keeping even the most revealing outfits from falling apart at the seams.

bras under dresses


There was a time when strappy, backless, completely see-through dresses were complicated to wear. But now, you can skip the outfit wearing stress and stock up on one of those bras mentioned above.

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