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Nostalgic for a time when everything seemed much simpler? Let's throw it back a couple decades as we revisit some of the best 2000's fashion trends.

On a nostalgia kick? Relive the best fashion trends of the early 2000s

Ah, the early 2000s. Back in the days when Paris Hilton’s name was splashed all over gossip columns and stars like Alicia Keys & Britney Spears blasted from our radios, everything seemed simpler than today. That must be why the Y2K movement is beginning to make a strong comeback in our modern fashion scene. 

If you’d also like to take it back to the days of flip phones & AIM, travel back in time with us as we dive into the iconic fashion trends of the early 2000s. Some are surprisingly still on-trend today – while others are sure to make you cringe in embarrassment. What are you waiting for? Turn up Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” and let’s begin! 

Velour tracksuits

Kicking off this nostalgic list are soft, low-rise bootcut pants with a zip-up hoodie on top to match. Bonus points if they’re from Baby Phat or Juicy Couture; double those points if writing’s plastered over the butt. These soft & leisurely fits came back in style earlier this year when Kim Kardashian dropped a new Velour collection for her clothing brand SKIMS.

Low-rise jeans

Low-rise jeans were all the craze back in the 2000s, and they’re surprisingly making their way back into the mainstream today. We could probably write a whole essay on the types of eccentric jeans people wore back in the day, from embroidered denim, lace-up jeans, patchwork-style, and more. 

The most popular brand to purchase your denim during this time was probably True Religion, and you were rocking a bootcut fit. Some celebrities even wore their jeans so low to show off their v-string, a.k.a whale tail. Who could forget the iconic low-rise jeans with no pockets? The choices for jean-styles were endless back then. 

Halter tops & dresses

No one can deny that halter tops were an absolute look in the aughts. Celebs back in the day loved halter tops with bright colors or crazy patterns, and showed off a lot of shoulder & bare stomach. In the past years, Bella Hadid has been noted by many fashion sites for bringing back this cute & classic Y2K staple. 

Trucker hats

What better way to pair off your low-rise bootcut jeans & bright halter top than with a trucker hat? This look seemed effortlessly chill and laid-back – but in a chic way, somehow. The most popular brand for these casual trucker hats were from the infamous Von Dutch, whose caps could cost you up to a hundred bucks. 

Platform sandals/shoes

Who doesn’t love these iconic platform sandals that gave you a little boost in height? Finishing off your 2000s fit with a pair of platforms absolutely completed the look. Plus, they weren’t like heels, so you were able to grow a few inches while still maintaining some comfort. Just be careful to not trip and roll that ankle! 


Looking back, we have to admit some of the layering choices people had in the early 2000s were simply disastrous. One trend that deserves to stay buried in the past is dresses over jeans. (We’re cringing with you.) However, some other layering choices weren’t half-bad, like tank tops over shirts, another trend resurfacing in recent years. 


One of the greatest 2000s fashion trends took the form of quintessential accessories to complete outfits. Butterfly clips & flashy headbands were quite popular, along with bold belts that may not have helped to lift up your pants, but sure made a statement. Rimless sunglasses were also an iconic hit, along with clunky, bright bracelets. 


We hope these trends made you as nostalgic as us. What other trends can you think of? Do you like that Y2K fashion is making a comeback these days? Let us know in the comments.

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