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Doomsday Evolution is the new exhibition by artist Tong Wang. Learn more about the exhibition and the artist here.

Doomsday Evolution: Tong Wang Launches Her Newest Exhibition

Talented artist and curator, Tong Wang, shares her thoughts about the post-pandemic era and inspires others with her unique gift

The Covid-19 pandemic came with its challenges, affecting practically everyone in different ramifications across the globe. Standing at the node of the alternation of the pandemic and post-pandemic era, it has become imperative to learn from the past and discuss the relationship between individuals and society in the future.

Tong Wang, a talented New York-based artist, recently curated an exhibition tagged “Doomsday Evolution,” showing the power and warmth of human beings in togetherness, breaking through the dawn of doomsday. With the art exploration in a cyberpunk-like environment, Tong hopes the audience can pay more attention to the post-pandemic era and stay together to create a better society.

It is not easy to hold an exhibition during the pandemic, but the experience is priceless to me since I learn more about how to inspire other people as an artist and curator. I will keep trying to create works and inspire people.” – Tong.

A Liberated Inorganic Life Form

Doomsday Evolution was held at Satellite Art Club, a famous art space featured by The New York Times and Forbes, providing audiences with a unique perspective about 2020. “Covid-19 has been washing out the world. People around me were all worried about their jobs, safety, and future lives. However, the end of Covid-19 is coming, and it is the rebirth of the world. It is the end, but it is also the beginning. Therefore, we came up with Doomsday Evolution as our thesis,” Tong said.

The collaboration featured a collaboration with fourteen other artists to tell stories about the pandemic, with Tong displaying her artwork, A Liberated Inorganic Life Form, in the collection. “People are experiencing the convenience of the Internet and other digital tools. However, we are also restricted by overwhelming information. There is too much information there, and we perform as the robot to filter useless information,” Tong said.

Self-isolation forced people into getting deeply tied to the internet and its complexities, exposing them diverse information that are mostly false and damaging. Through her artwork, Tong wants to call on the audience to recognize their situation, protect themselves from messy information, and helping them to remain optimistic during the pandemic.

Stay Home, Make Your Contribution to the Society

To encourage people to contribute to society during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tong has curated another exhibition, showing a straightforward call-action thesis – “Stay Home, Make Your Contribution to the Society!” The exhibition was aimed at making people comply with the self-isolation policy to ensure social safety. “We all have our ability to contribute to our society. Personally, as an artist, coming up with stay-at-home DIY artworks are the biggest contribution I can ever make to prevent the spread of coronavirus,” Tong said.

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About Tong Wang

Tong Wang is a multidisciplinary artist who focuses on video, digital collage, installation, and performance art. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions and galleries worldwide, including Khodynka Gallery Moscow, Russia, Royal Society Of American Art New York, and Shang Hai Young Art Fair. Inspired by the network virtual characters, virtual information/religion, and pathological social phenomena, Tong strives to explore the existence of life and life in the future.

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