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Strong Girl Bong Soon is one of the greatest Korean television shows of all time. Learn about the actors behind the characters of the hit series.

Strong Girl Bong Soon Cast Members – Where Are They Now?

Strong Girl Bong Soon is probably one of the funniest and most charming Korean television shows that came out recently.

This is the reason why it was able to attract many k-drama fans. But the real reason why the show is such a success is because of the talented actors that were in it. If you’re one of those who enjoyed watching this show, then you probably want to know what happened to the Strong Girl Bong Soon cast members. Where are they now and what are they doing? This article will provide you an update of what happened to these actors.

Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young plays the leading character in Strong Girl Bong Soon. In the show, she has great physical strength. She may not be as strong in real life, but she is just as impressive. Bo Young is a very talented actress and she is also very adorable. After playing Bong Soon, she went on to star in the 2018 hit film On Your Wedding Day. She even earned a Best Actress nomination for her role at the 39th Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Then in 2019, she played the role of a reincarnated lawyer in the fantasy rom-com Abyss. Fans missed her last year as she took a break but this year, she’s back with a vengeance. Her new show is called One Day, Destruction Came To My Door and it promises to be a hit as well. The future looks bright for Park Bo Young.

Park Hyung Sik

Park Hyung Sik was very charming in Strong Girl Bong Soon as the main male character and love interest of Bong Soon. For sure, many girls fell in love with her. Before she became a k-drama actor, Hyung Sik was actually a k-pop singer.

In 2018, he played the role of a lawyer in Suits, which is the Korean version of the hit American television show of the same title. In 2019, she enlisted in the military and was officially discharged in January 2021. So all of his fans are excited for his comeback. But even while he was in the military, Hyung Sik didn’t forget to update his fans by posting on Instagram.

Ji Soo

Ji Soo is another famous k-drama star. He became a very busy actor after his stint at Strong Woman Bong Soon. He appeared in various shows such as My First Love and When I Was The Prettiest. This year is another exciting year for Ji Soo as he will star in Rever Where The Moon Rise. The historical drama also stars Kim So Hyun and Kang Ha Neul.

Seol In Ah

Seol In Ah plays the role of being a king’s first love in the top-rating series Mr. Queen. But before that, she was in the show School 2017, Special Labor Inspector, and Record Of Youth, among others.

Yoo Jae Myung

As a member of the Strong Girl Bong Soon cast, Yoo Jae Myung played the loving father of the lead character. But he was the complete opposite in the Itaewon Class.

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