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If you’re looking for a light-hearted pick-me-up Netflix’s K-drama 'My First First Love' is a perfect choice. Here's why.

‘My First First Love’ is the coming-of-age K-drama you need now

During quarantine, we’re in a strange new void where nothing new really happens. In these times, it’s easy to feel a bit blasé & estranged. Our advice: turn to media and let it lift your spirits. 

If you’re looking for a light-hearted pick-me-up Netflix’s K-drama My First First Love is a perfect choice. 

Following the story of five young friends who suddenly move in together, My First First Love is teeming with new love & tender companionship. Struck with sudden independence, the Gen-Z characters have to figure out how to grow up and find the love they’ve always been looking for. 

Slow & sentimental 

While My First First Love takes a while to situate all of the characters in the plot, the pacing of the series is purposeful. Nothing is supposed to happen too fast because a part of the excitement is seeing how everyone comes together. After Yun Tae-o acquires his grandfather’s house, he has to slowly take in this motley crew and learn how to handle these intensifying relationships. 

These five friends each have to face difficult changes in their life. Han Song-i, for example, is coping with her father’s sudden death and her mother’s sudden choice to abandon her. And Choe Hun is financially cut off from his wealthy family as he pursues a career in music. 

Eventually, the roommates become very tight-knit, and these relationships continue to blossom into new things throughout the seasons. Their surprisingly natural bonds are awkward & adorable. There are slow-burn love triangles, and incredibly silly & endearing moments. 

My First First Love takes its time for a reason — you have to enjoy the little things. New feelings & friendships are intense, so we wouldn’t want it to be rushed. To enjoy sweet, coming-of-age romcoms, you have to savor it. Kim Ji-soo, actor of Tae-o, speaks highly of My First First Love, telling fans, “If your heart hurts, cherish it as much as possible.” 

A cast with chemistry 

One of the things that makes My First First Love so special is that the actors are exceedingly genuine — their youth & chemistry plays right into the relationships of their characters. It’s hard not to fall for these characters because they’re all so convincing — they clearly care about each other. 

Also, it doesn’t hurt that all of these characters are very dreamy. Many of the stars are icons already, members of varying K-Pop groups like I.O.I., B1A4, and 5urpise. Young & pretty, the actors pair very nicely. Bring them together under one roof — of course they’re going to fall in love with each other. Who doesn’t want to find love?

It’s clear that the cast is having fun, which means that there is contagious positive energy. Everyone’s excited to be acting together, and that translates on-screen. 

Heart-warming innocence

The roommates in My First First Love are reminiscent of the ones in shows like New Girl & Friends. They’re each developing charming rapport that helps the plot develop. One of the biggest differences, however, is that My First First Love characters are way more innocent. These characters actually have to learn some “adulting.” 

Like many K-dramas, the love that blossoms between the characters is slow & sweet. Tae-o has been friends with Song-i since elementary school, and he’s had unrequited feelings for her for a long while. When Song-i starts to fall for one of his friends, Tae-o’s jealousy is in full force. His puppy dog eyes are heart-breaking. 

“First” in My First First Love is repeated there for a reason. Those early relationships stages are beautifully awkward & embarrassing. Even though Tae-o proclaims at one point that he wants a “promiscuous life” it’s clear that they are all inexperienced and young. 

Even the premise in My First First Love is innocent. One of the rules of Tae-o taking care of his grandfather’s old house is that he cannot invite girls there. (A rule he very obviously breaks because two girls end up moving in with him.) 

Inexperienced characters are refreshing & new. My First First Love is a wonderful remedy for the quarantine blues.

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