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Simone Ferretti has built an incredible career with his unique skills. Dive into the details and learn about one of the fastest growing content creators!

Simone Ferretti: Moving to the top of digital and creative industries

With professional experience as a photo/videographer, social media consultant and content creator, he has always topped in all.

Choosing an industry and stand out from the crowd is both easy and difficult. Wondering how? Getting into the desired industry can be easy for certain individuals, but getting ahead of even established professionals and creating one’s unique niche in the same can be challenging and daunting. 

Many even lose hope along their path for the competition they face and the hurdles they have to overcome; however, a few rare gems radiate brilliance by showing their A-game with their talents, courage and resilience and make waves even in ultra competitive industries. Doing the same in the creative and digital world is Simone Ferretti, a young man of many talents who, with his creative abilities, have stunned people worldwide.

As a teenager at 19 years of age, Simone Ferretti had begun his career in the world of modelling, where he even earned 2nd place in the “Mister Italy” beauty competition. From there, he moved to Hong Kong in 2017 and attained prowess as a model and personal trainer. 

However, in the same year, purchasing his first camera made him fall in love with it instantly. He then started developing his creative skills in photography and videography and showcasing the same on social media, which gradually increased his authority as a photo/videographer when he began posting short videos to promote products or services.

Simone Ferretti is a well established name today as he has been around the digital space having good amount of experience around it for quite a long time now. 

He has aced up in this space and has boosted many brand’s digital presence including some of the biggest global names like Mercedes-Benz and Xiaomi through his digital influencer marketing skills. Presently, he has mastered the art of taking the right moments through his phone and wants to spread his knowledge amongst those who want to learn this art. He says that clicking photographs which look professional is absolutely possible using your smartphone. 

One just needs to gain hands on experience on various tools that help in enhancing the clicks. The photographs look surreal, similar to those clicked by a professional DSLR camera. He says that he conducts special online classes which teach how to click that perfect short using your phone.

Over the years, Simone Ferretti has always made sure to make the most of the opportunities, expanding his knowledge into different things and becoming a professional in the space. 

Moving to London in 2019, he studied business and focused on boosting his presence in social media with photography tutorials on Instagram and TikTok. Today, this young man is evolved into a professional coach with his top-notch tutorials on photography and social media. His courses have been designed to turn individuals into professionals photographers, helping them to create a career out of their passion.

This young Italian talent has even exceeded beyond boundaries as a social media consultant where he takes brands and businesses to their next level of presence, reach, visibility and success. Simone Ferretti’s growing fan and follower base on TikTok (500K+) and Instagram (115K+) proves his mettle in the digital world. 

From Milan to Hong Kong to London, this powerhouse has conquered distinct sectors and emerged successfully in whichever zone he laid his hands on. We will definitely see more of this talented individual in the near future, as he is bound to thrive for more, and achieve further milestones in his career.

Do follow him on Instagram @sferro21 to know more.

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