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Tiffany Rhodes’s work is known for its alternative look at humanity. 'The Blackbird Interviews', takes place in 1982 at a psychiatric hospital.

Indie auteur of the day: Tiffany Rhodes

Tiffany Rhodes grew up in small towns that inspired her to become the storyteller she is today. She creates rich characters, fleshes out the spaces they inhabit, and breathes life into all the stories she tells.

Rhodes’s beginnings appeared to be the American Dream, but behind closed doors her childhood was not what it seemed. This influenced her fascination with psychology and the fragility of how real “reality” is.

Tiffany is our auteur to watch. She began her ascent to greatness by creating her own rules and creating a universe of her own. Rhodes is a gutsy female filmmaker, not waiting for anyone’s permission to tell her stories, and surrounds herself with true believers whose goals are inline with her core mission & vision. She works with bold innovators who have helped her bring life to her stories.

Tiffany Rhodes now has three films under her belt, all produced in collaboration with young and talented cinematographer Vito Huizar, whose belief in her led him to Sicily in 2017 to shoot Promise Me.

In 2018 Collision’s U.S. premiere was held in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Monica Center for the Artemis Film Festival. Collision has been selected into seven festivals so far, and won awards for Best Female Filmmaker.

Tiffany’s work is known for its metaphors, tropes, and distortion for an alternative look at humanity. Her current project, The Blackbird Interviews, takes place in 1982 at a psychiatric hospital: when four female patients all claim to be the same woman, esteemed psychiatrist Violet Ford makes it their mission to uncover the truth.

With a hush-hush feature film in preproduction and a world of opportunity open to her, Tiffany Rhodes is one to watch. Don’t take our word for it – here’s what her industry peers have to say:

“Tiffany Rhodes is a visionary filmmaker and excellent storyteller. Her approach to creating art is both inspiringly collaborative and uniquely independent. Her ability to assemble a team of filmmakers is evident in the fact that she knows the destination, she knows the end goal, but allows those around her to explore different pathways of getting there. She inspires trust, imagination, and a grounded sense of play.”
—Schuyler Mastain, actor, writer

“Tiffany Rhodes is a true pioneer . . . authentic and unapologetically herself . . . . In a society filled with filters and falsities, she is the one true being.

“When you work with her, she extends the same respect to the man who may valet her car as to her top actor. When she is choosing an actor for her characters, she has already seen that person as the character . . . . She believes that you are the character and spends time guiding you to see that within yourself. We become a family during the process. It is an intellectual and emotional journey. I believe we all are left craving more . . . . She’s the real deal!”
—Lisa Lash, actress

“Tiffany’s ability to embrace the collective ideas from her handpicked team of collaborators, even if they are outside of her comfort zone . . . is very motivating and forces me to take risks constantly.”
—Vito Huizar, cinematographer

“Tiffany’s creative process on set allows the actors around her to feel comfortable and to make bold choices even in some of the most vulnerable scene work. I knew when it came to the real emotional work, Tiffany would support my choices and allow me the freedom to make choices because it truly was a safe space to create. I have a profound respect for her process. It’s part of what separates and makes her an auteur.”
—Dan Foster, actor

“It’s been such a gift working with Tiffany Rhodes. I admire her artistically, but also on a personal level. She writes powerful and profound female-driven stories, but also focuses on empowering women in her everyday life. I loved exploring the haunting world that she created in The Blackbirds Interviews and hope to work with her again soon.”
—Camille Montgomery, actress

Lede image courtesy of Megan Marlow.

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