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Dustin Wolf is a dancer and choreographer who's lent his talents to projects from major studios like Disney and Netflix. Get to know him today.

An interview with dance pro Dustin Wolf

Dustin Wolf shares a professional dancer’s perspective on what it’s like to work on the sets of Disney, Netflix, and more. Dustin, a Canadian born dancer, has worked on productions from all around the world with recognition from some of the best in the business!

Dustin has starred in Netflix’s Julie and the Phantoms, directed by Kenny Ortega; who most famously directed Dirty Dancing, Michael Jackson’s This is it, High School Musical, and worked with artists like Miley Cyrus. Julie and the Phantoms was co-directed and choreographed by, equally esteemed, Paul Becker, who has worked on the likes of DeadPool, Riverdale, with the Jonas Brothers, Kanye West, and many others.

Along with big film production and TV show sets, Dustin has also received numerous esteemed awards and recognitions.

Tell us about winning Laurieann Gibson’s online contest, how did that feel?

Laurieann Gibson is a legend in the industry and someone who I have looked up to for years. To have been recognized by her and been able to connect was such a special experience. She has broken the glass ceiling for what dancers can do and continues to pave the way for artists to reach new heights. Her personal words of wisdom continue to push me to strive to reach my fullest potential!

You also received a national scholarship to Point Park University, what did that process look like?

I was at the New York City Dance Alliance nationals in New York when I auditioned for the academic scholarship foundation. I was scouted by Point Park University where I was awarded a prestigious dance scholarship to attend the school. Point Park has one of the top dance programs in the country right behind The Juilliard school. It was the best four years of my life, I left with the best training and skills you can get. I am so thankful to NYCDA and PPU for the opportunities that their scholarship and education has led me to.

Did you learn anything new during your time on Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy?

Jupiter’s Legacy was an amazing time! it was a very small cast which really allowed us to feel out the scene and be in it. Josh Duhamel was great to work with, really relaxed, and approachable on set. Creatively speaking, it was exciting to be able to experiment with partnered movements and then put it all together in the world of Jupiters!

Sneakerella is a highly anticipated Disney movie coming in the new year..  what was that experience like and what can we expect?

Sneakerella was a very exciting project. We had a great team of choreographers working with us – Ebony Williams, Emilio Dosal; they are very talented creatives that worked seamlessly together.

There are a lot of Disney fans out there so we all felt the anticipation and excitement for the project which really made it a great team effort. I think the audience is really going to enjoy the modern day take on the classic Cinderella storyline, expect big dance/musical numbers sure to entertain the entire family!

What is your advice for any other dreamers out there?

Well I myself have many dreams that I am pursuing, it’s only just the beginning of my journey! All I can say is surround yourself with people that build you up and push you to reach your fullest potential. Never stop learning and educating yourself, stay humble, stay motivated – it will happen when it’s meant to, trust the process!

Thank you Dustin and good luck with all your future endeavours!

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