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Going viral can be a matter of knowing the right people. Here's how DJ Scher takes his clients' fame and fortune to the next level as a Twitter influencer.

How DJ Scher Keeps His Clients Viral Using Twitter

How many times have you been struck with an amazing idea, passion, or the burning desire to do something, but the surroundings have been an obstacle? As people grow up, these obstacles start to take their toll, and life and its practicalities take over. 

To prevent this from happening, CEO and entrepreneur David Scher, who is also known as DJ Scher, decided to create his own path and make a dent in the universe. Scher is the CEO and founder of Scher Marketing, his marketing agency. 

Scher also has two other businesses, and even with all this, Scher deeply cares about society and the importance of educating and coaching people – the same way he puts his heart and soul into the work he does for his clients. 

Scher is a visionary. Even as a young boy, he could see the potential in things, and this same talent was eventually brought into his adult life and business. Scher saw incredible potential in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He also saw that they could be used to help people achieve maximum audience gains and rise to the top.

At Scher Marketing, the concept of seeing the true power of ideas is embedded in the culture. Scher and his company specifically use Twitter to make clients and brands go viral. 

They thrive on making a difference to brands and by helping companies gain extremely significant and powerful audiences. By keeping them up to date with trends, he has kept the audience reach for his brands at an all-time maximum and increased their growth. 

Although Scher’s business is in Los Angeles, he has clients from all around the world. Unlike much of the competition, Scher is passionate about going a step further and helps his clients find their true, inner creative calling. He also helps his clients thrive in a changing omnichannel world and takes advantage of their individual strengths to build custom and bespoke roadmaps and blueprints to success. 

Scher could foresee the influence and dynamic changes online shopping would bring and started his dropshipping company selling women’s clothing, called Luxsy. This was coupled with his other venture, a hair product company providing stylish products for men and women. 

Both of these ventures and his incredible marketing work only speak volumes about Scher’s entrepreneurial spirit and what other amazing things he is going to do. 

As time goes by, Scher plans to improve and grow Scher Marketing. He plans to work with more and more celebrities and big names as he strives to make his marketing agency the ultimate company to work with. 

In a rapidly changing and ever-evolving world like ours, it can be extremely challenging to keep up with everything that is happening; however, Scher takes care of all of this while his clients can continue their work. 

Scher’s advice to young entrepreneurs is that their starting point, no matter where they come from, should not define them, and all that matters is the work they are willing to do.

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