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From humble beginnings to aerial drone photography, here's how Akil Henley carved a niche for himself and is helping other entrepreneurs do the same.

Akil Henley is influencing the world with not just his photos

Akil Henley is a photographer with a difference. About 6 years ago when the term wasn’t even known to most, Henley had taken up aerial photography. Unlike other traditional forms of photography where the camera is mostly hand-held, aerial photography or drone photography uses airborne mechanical contraptions to bring out the beauty of the view in front of the lens.

This passion for drone photography wasn’t just an overnight obsession, but something that Henley had been thinking about ever since he was a young child. As he grew older, Henley realised that not only was it a niche that was practically begging for representation, but also that having a unique approach gave him an edge in an already oversaturated industry- basically, it was his ticket to success.

Henley’s position in the world of photography has brought him the great frame. However, as we all know with great power comes great responsibility. For Henley, the responsibility that he had is having to be in the spotlight 24/7. Many people in his position would be in over their heads but Henley has made good use of his ability to influence and impact others. 

He is a regular user of social media and has over 300 thousand followers on his Instagram account. Henley often shares his tips and tricks on photography with them.

In the recent past, due to the coronavirus pandemic situation, most of the countries in the world had declared a state of lockdown. This affected most of the industries of the world irrespective of their scale of production. The photography industry was not exempt from this disruption. 

Unable to step out of the house photographer and creators found it difficult to come up with new and exciting content which would entertain people in these terrible times. This is when an idea struck Henley and he decided to develop an app of his own. The app, known by the name nFluencer is a community-based amalgamation of many of the tips and tricks and how-tos that people especially content creators, are in search of. 

It teaches the basics of videography, editing, photography and content creation all with a focus on making the mundane more exciting. nFluencer is available for iOS and is one of the highest-ranked apps with 100k+ 5-star reviews.

There is another aspect of life where Akil Henley has been influencing others. Being a person of colour himself, Henley has been a beacon of hope and positivity for others in his community. 

People of colour have always been reminded of the fact that they are in the minority and are often silenced or overlooked in their respective fields. Henley’s presence and success in his area of work have not only made himself and his family proud but is also a matter of great pride and joy for his extended network.

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