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Are you always stressed out? Online yoga class not working? Try paint by numbers and you'll be anxious free in no time! Here's all the benefits.

Paint by Number Projects and How They Reduce Anxiety?

Painting by numbers has been around since 1950, but the activity never caught on until a decade ago. Up until 2000-2010, this style of painting was considered to be an activity more suited for children, rather than adults, however, this is quickly changing.

All over the world, painting by numbers projects have become a regular activity of individuals who are looking to occupy their free time with an activity that is both productive as well as entertaining. This having been said, the increasing popularity of paint by numbers projects has also emphasized the many ways in which the activity is beneficial to individuals’ mental health.

Reduce stress through art therapy

Art therapy has been used for several decades, in order to reduce the stress levels of adults and children of all ages. While art-related activities tend to be easier for children due to their innate creativity, adults have a more difficult time with them, especially if they live busy, extremely dynamic lives.

Paint by number projects help solve this issue by offering a way to create beautiful art without requiring any sort of training or knowledge. The painting by number kits include all the supplies required to create a painting, from the canvas to the brushes and paint.

The act of following the instructions on the canvas and painting everything at one’s own pace can be extremely rewarding. Painting by number helps individuals disconnect from the world and use their senses. However, it does so in a very forgiving manner. Any mistakes can be covered up and the whole artistic process is guided by the numbers on the canvas.

There have been numerous studies that have shown that this type of artistic activity can lower stress levels, improve an individual’s ability to focus, and relax the mind. 

Different complexity levels for different individuals

There is a nearly endless supply of painting kits to choose from, and some companies that focus on premium kits offer products that look like they were made by professional painters. However, it is also possible to find simpler kits that either have fewer colours or designs that are easier to understand. These are more suited for children, but can also be great for adults that have no experience with painting of any kind.

Carl Jung, the famous psychiatrist, considered that mandalas were great ways for individuals to express their unconscious thoughts. As a result, many companies that produce sets, such as PaintingKits, that resemble the patterns of mandalas, giving individuals the ability to express their creativity.

Unwinding at the end of a stressful day

One of the main reasons why painting by number helps people manage their stress and anxiety is the fact that it can be done intermittently. It’s possible to work on a painting every day and get a beautiful result. The activity is stress-free, consequence-free, and requires very little setup and supplies.

This style of painting allows individuals to focus on a single task and forget about stress or their fears and worries. It’s a creative outlet that doesn’t punish mistakes and rewards consistency. Furthermore, the supplies required for the projects are perfectly safe when handled properly and are extremely affordable.

Great for establishing patterns

Behavioural patterns help individuals sort out their lives and make them goal-oriented. Paint by number projects can be great tools for those looking to reorder their thoughts and to make a habit out of establishing activity patterns.

It’s easy to turn this style of painting into a habit because the activity itself feels rewarding and is not tiresome. This tells the brain that you’re currently doing something fun, considering that painting is a great way to stimulate creativity.  In time, some individuals may want to make changes to painting. This encourages free-thinking and experimentation but also helps build self-confidence.

Small steps are better at the start of a journey

Although some individuals still view painting by numbers as a form of imitation, not real art, it’s a great way to use one’s innate creativity as a way to manage anxiety. Even smaller, more simple designs can be rewarding to complete and, in some cases, individuals may need to start with these just to exercise their ability to focus.

Over time, as they progress and move on to more complex designs, they’ll focus more and more on the creative side of things and take more creative liberties with the patterns and designs included in the kits.

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