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If you’re a budding script writer, take a personal masterclass and brush up on crafting stunning stories and charismatic characters with these scripts.

Aspiring writer? Download the best dramedy scripts for free

Are you interested in learning how to write a screenplay? Whether you’re a student, aspiring screenplay writer, or you’ve already booked your first few gigs and you’re looking to sharpen your skills, Film Daily’s got your back with a fresh batch of the best genre scripts to study. This week, we’re turning our focus to dramedies – a neologism used to describe a TV show or film in which plot elements are a combination of comedy and drama.

This year’s festival circuit has been inundated with dramedy flicks, from Damsel, to Tully, to Private Life. If you’re a writer looking to have a go at this genre or you’re already on your way with a killer dramedy script, you’d benefit from studying the screenplays below. And guess what? They’re all available to download right here, right now, for free! Told you we’ve got your back.

If you’re a budding script writer, take your own personal masterclass and brush up on crafting stunning stories and charismatic characters. Let’s get into it!

The Big Sick (2017)

Screenplay by Emily V. Gordon & Kumail Nanjiani

This coma-centric dramedy, starring and written by real-life married couple Emily V. Gordon & Kumail Nanjiani, is loosely based on their own courtship. The story follows a comedian and a grad student who fall in love but struggle as their cultures clash.

When Emily contracts a mysterious chronic illness, Kumail finds himself forced to face her feisty parents, his family’s expectations, and his true feelings for his new love. Download the script to find out how to combine heartfelt emotions with side-splitting laughs.

Download HERE.

Lady Bird (2017)

Screenplay by Greta Gerwig

We should’ve known writer & director Greta Gerwig’s (Frances Ha) feature debut was going to be a smasher and boy did she rise above our expectations with her 2017 awards season hit, Lady Bird. There’s a lot to be learned from Gerwig’s writing style regarding how to inject a screenplay with wit, charm, and moments of touching human interaction that’ll pull at those heart strings.

When offering advice to aspiring screenwriters, Gerwig herself suggested to not judge your drafts by yourself right away. “Getting friends together . . . to just hear it out loud is cheap and it’s accessible and it forces you to listen to your work.”

Download HERE.

In Bruges (2008)

Screenplay by Martin McDonagh

One that often comes up on “top ten dramedy” lists is writer-director Martin McDonagh’s 2008 hit, In Bruges. This dramedy will have you laughing and sobbing at once with this story of a guilt-stricken hitman (Colin Farrell) who is forced to sojourn in Bruge with his crime partner (Brendan Gleeson) as they await orders from their ruthless boss following a fudged hit. It’s funny, thrilling, and hopelessly tragic.  

Download HERE.

Erin Brockovich (2000)

Screenplay by Susannah Grant

Director Steven Soderbergh (Sex, Lies, and Videotape) and writer Susannah Grant (The 5th Wave) teamed up to make this inspiring biographical dramedy telling the true story of Erin Brockovich (portrayed by Julia Roberts) – a single mother turned legal assistant who became instrumental in building a case against a corrupt Californian power company. Grant’s is a good script to get stuck into if you’re looking to find out how to inject humor and drama into a real-life story.

Download HERE.

Hidden Figures (2016)

Screenplay by Allison Schroeder & Theodore Melfi

Adapted from the book by Margot Lee Shetterly, Hidden Figures tells the true story of the black female mathematicians who worked at NASA during the Space Race. Like Erin Brockovich, there’s a lot to take from Allison Schroeder & Theodore Melfi’s script, which converts a historical account into an Oscar-worthy story, combining LOL moments with inspiring dramatic scenes.

Download HERE.

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