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Did you know you can make your viewing sessions from Apple TV more enjoyable than before? Consider these awesome hidden Apple TV features.

Find out the most secret hidden Apple TV features

If you like a great user experience while streaming content, you must have used Apple TV. You might even have been using the iTunes library from Apple or live-streaming the TV apps. Did you know you can make your viewing sessions from Apple TV more enjoyable than before? Consider these awesome hidden Apple TV features.

You can use a Bluetooth keyboard with the Apple TV.

Don’t like using the virtual keyboard on your iOS device? Here’s one feature that will make you happy. In case you have a Bluetooth keyboard for your Mac or iPad, you can set it to work with Apple TV.

Go to the Settings > Remotes and Devices, click on Bluetooth, and now select the “Other Devices” list to pair it to your Apple TV. Sometimes it’s necessary to leave the keyboard in a pairing mode. After this, you can start searching for content and films using your Bluetooth input device. To get access to movies and music from every connected device via the iTunes library, read more at Rocketfiles

Improvised screensaver by the use of iCloud Photo Stream slideshow

This is located by going through to the Photos app and choosing your favorite iCloud albums for your slideshow screensaver. Click your album of choice and click again at the option to Set as Screensaver. Everything will be added automatically to your slideshow.

Quickly return to the main menu

When you want to return to the main menu screen on your Apple TV, all you need to do is tap the menu button repeatedly on your remote. Press and hold the menu button to return your Apple TV directly to the main menu screen.

Remote swipe to view information view important information.

While following up on a specific TV episode or watching a particular movie, you can view your position within that particular movie by swiping on your remote. You can likewise swipe down to see specific movie information. This information includes subtitles, content synopsis, audio options, language, and other important information.

Bluetooth gaming controller connection

Different games are available at in portable iTunes, so Apple TV can now be controlled using your remote. But most games on Apple TV are more enjoyable if you use the Bluetooth gaming controller. 

You’ll need to place your controller at the pairing mode first. All you need to do is click on Settings, go to Devices and Remote, and finally select the Bluetooth option. Here is where you will choose the controller you’d like to use. 

Apple TV’s menu appearance change

These days, dark mode is all the rage. Users can set their devices’ menu to appear in dark mode or light mode for Apple TV either automatically or manually. Once you do this, your Apple TV will be in dark mode at night and light mode in the daytime. Click Settings then head to General > Appearance and automatic mode.

Switching between apps quickly

Apple TV can perform quick switching between apps just like other iOS devices. This is excellent as it lets users avoid exiting to the main menu and does a quick search through all folders to find all the apps that were open previously. 

All you need to do is double-tap your Apple TV remote’s TV button or the TV icon on your iOS remote app. Then swipe left or right and select the desired app’s icon.

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