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10 Thoughtful Gifts for People Who Have Everything

With the holiday season fast approaching you are probably starting to think about your shopping list for this year. If you are like us, you probably have a person or two on your list who is notoriously difficult to shop for. Whether they seem to already have everything or if they buy everything they want for themselves, here are some of our best gift ideas for hard to shop for people.

1. Snack Box

For the person who doesn’t like stuff or clutter, a snack subscription box is the perfect gift. You can purchase a subscription that lasts anywhere from a month to a year depending on how much money you want to spend. Then your loved one will have a variety of delicious and unique snacks delivered to their door each month.

2. Wine Subscription

If you liked the snack box idea but want to go for something a bit more sophisticated, try out a wine subscription service. Your friends or family will love getting to try new wines from around the world to try out every month.

3. Tea Set

Tea gift sets make the perfect gift for anyone who likes hot beverages. Americans are notorious for not having the proper tea accessories, so give your friend a tea set, kettle or a couple bags of loose-leaf tea. Especially if they are used to buying pre-packaged tea, help them branch out with some different loose teas.

4. Candles

A tried-and-true gift for anyone who is hard to shop for, candles are never an unwelcome gift. There are dozens of different brands, scents, and sizes to choose from and you can never really have enough of them. As long as you choose a scent that you know your friend likes, you can’t really go wrong here.

5. Beauty Mini Fridge

One thing that is gaining popularity but not everyone has yet is a beauty fridge. A beauty fridge is about a fourth of the size of a standard mini fridge and fits perfectly on your bathroom counter. It is used to hold products and jade rollers for the most luxurious and effective skincare routine. If your loved one is yet to hop on this trend, then a mini fridge will make the perfect gift for them.

6. Pet Portrait

If you have a loved one with a pet, you know that gifting them another stuffed toy to add to their already overflowing pile probably isn’t the best idea. Instead, give them a pet portrait. You can go on Etsy and find tons of artists who will turn a picture of your loved one’s pet into a masterpiece.

7. Sports Tickets

If your friend is into sports or if they have a team that they like to cheer for, check online for the dates of games in the coming year. You may be able to snag your friend a set of tickets to see their favorite team play.

8. Concert Tickets

If your loved one is more into music than sports, look up your local theaters and see which artists are going to be stopping by your city in 2023. Chances are, someone that your loved one is dying to see could be coming around in the next year. A set of tickets to that concert is going to make an awesome gift for someone who already has everything.

9. An Experience

If there are any other things that your loved one has been dying to try, consider giving them one of those experiences. This could be anything from tickets to an art exhibit or museum, boxing or spin classes, or even a weekend trip depending on your relationship to the person. Get creative and give your loved one an experience that they will never forget.

10. Hobby-Related Things

Does your loved one have a hobby that they like to spend their free time doing? Then a gift that helps them further their passion pursuits will be sure to charm them. Get a set of golf balls if your friend likes to golf or get your artistic friend a new set of paints. This is one of the more thoughtful gifts that will tell your loved one that you are taking an interest in the things that they like.

Completing Your Shopping List

Don’t spend this holiday season stressing over getting those last few stubborn people checked off your shopping list. Instead, use some of our gift ideas to please that hard to shop for person in your life. Your holiday shopping is sure to be much smoother if you do.

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