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Alyssa Brook Talks New Venture

Alyssa Brook is constantly reinventing herself. A journalist who has interviewed such big names as The Rock and Jamie Lee Curtis is now turning her passion for TV and Film into a new media channel. “Who Let Us Out” is Alyssa’s next big project and fans are loving it! The media channel gives people a sneak peak at the entertainment industry in a new and exciting way. Recently, Alyssa sat down with Film Daily to give us the scoop on this new channel and her plans for the future.

You just started a new media channel called “Who Let Us Out.” Tell us about the channel. What was the inspiration behind it?

“Who Let Us Out” is a dynamic film and tv media channel dedicated to exploring the most exciting updates in the cinema world and giving the fans behind-the-scenes experience with interviews and Premieres. The inspiration behind it came from a desire to break free from the conventional and often restrictive narratives presented by mainstream media. We wanted to create a platform where creativity, diversity, and unfiltered perspectives could thrive, offering our audience a fresh and engaging take on film and TV.

What do you hope your audience takes away from watching this channel?

We hope our audience feels inspired, informed, and entertained. Our goal is to spark curiosity and encourage viewers to see cinema from different angles. We want to empower them to think critically and engage with content.

You have a very diverse resume. How has this led you to the job you have now?

My diverse resume has been instrumental in shaping my career. Each role I’ve undertaken has provided me with unique skills and perspectives. From journalism and content creation to public relations and digital marketing, every experience has contributed to my understanding of media dynamics. This varied background has given me the versatility and adaptability needed to successfully launch and manage “Who Let Us Out,” blending creativity with strategic thinking.

You have been on many red carpets! What has been your favorite so far and why?

My favorite red carpet experience was the Barbie premiere. The film was nostalgic and the event brought back the best memories of being a kid.

What is your secret for balancing career, motherhood, and a social life?

Balancing career, motherhood, and a social life requires a great deal of planning, support, and self-care. Prioritization is key—I focus on what’s most important and delegate whenever possible. Having a supportive network, including family, friends, and professional help, is invaluable. Additionally, carving out time for self-care and maintaining a flexible yet structured schedule helps me stay grounded and efficient.

Can you tell us about the importance of giving back to the community, and are there specific causes that hold a special place in your heart?

Giving back to the community is essential because it fosters a sense of solidarity and helps build a better society. I believe in using my platform to raise awareness and support for causes that matter. Mental health is particularly close to my heart as I myself struggle with it and use film and television as an escape.

When not immersed in the world of entertainment, what do you enjoy doing? How do these activities contribute to your overall well-being, and do they influence your approach to your craft?

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time outdoors, whether it’s hiking, swimming with sharks or traveling to historic places. I also love reading and watching movies obviously. These activities help me stay physically active, mentally refreshed, and creatively inspired. They provide a necessary balance and perspective.

Looking ahead, are there any specific projects or roles you aspire to take on in the future, and what goals do you have for your career?

Looking ahead, I aspire to to work and host multiple screenings for different movie and TV events, I would love to appear on national shows talking about film and television and I would like “Who let us out” to be the hub for everything film & TV and the first place that people go to when they’re looking for what to watch!

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