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Do you want to adopt a correct position at the desk and thus perform video editing effectively? Here's how to make your set up better.

Video editing – Here’s how you should set up your space

According to a study, around 23 percent of PC users spend at least five hours sitting at their desk, which is not always optimal for their health. Such a misalignment of the spine often results in back problems or other complaints. But it doesn’t have to come to that, and even those who are explicitly involved in video editing can take certain tips to heart in order to adopt the correct posture at the workplace and ultimately be more productive. It is not uncommon for back pain to be one of the main reasons for sick leave. One of the reasons for this is incorrect posture at the PC and, last but not least, too little exercise.

Ergonomic workplace design

To ensure that sitting in front of the PC for long periods of time does not lead to health problems, it is important to set up the workplace ergonomically. Regardless of whether the workplace is at home or in the office, it should always be ergonomically designed, with special attention paid to the individual needs of the PC user. BITKOM makes sensible recommendations on which aspects to pay particular attention to in this context. It is particularly important to consider the height of the chair and desk, as well as the distance between the seat height and the desk surface. Upper and lower legs should ideally be at right angles to each other, as should the lower and upper arms.

The correct arrangement of keyboard and mouse

With regard to a correctly ergonomically set up workstation, not only the angular position of the arms and legs play an important role, but also the correct arrangement of the keyboard and mouse. It is important to ensure that they are at the same height as the elbows. Ideally, the palms of the hands should also be on the same level. To ensure that the height ratios are correct, it can be enormously helpful to use a seat cushion or footrest, for example. As for the distance from the eyes to the screen, this should be at least 50 cm, also to protect the eyes.

Looking to hire a video production company for a project? Here's a guide to making sure you end up with a high-quality product at the end.

Using height-adjustable office furniture for effective video editing

If you want to adopt a correct position at the desk and thus perform video editing particularly effectively and persistently, it is best to opt for height-adjustable office furniture. It is also recommended that the office chair back flexes to accommodate individual movements. After all, the more comfortable the user feels physically at the PC, the more productive he or she can be on a creative level. This is enormously important, especially in video editing. If you want to do something good for your back and thus your creativity, it’s best to opt for a standing desk. For netbooks with an integrated mouse, a separate mouse is also recommended.

The ideal lighting for an ergonomically designed workstation

When it comes to the perfectly furnished workplace, lighting is an incredibly important aspect. If possible, the office should be set up where there is sufficient daylight, with the desk or standig desk ideally positioned at right angles to the window. This helps to prevent annoying glare. Especially in the field of video editing, such reflections can be very annoying. The eye is also spared in this way and consequently does not tire as quickly. Furthermore, it makes sense to close your eyes every now and then if necessary and to take a short break as well as to get up from your workstation.

Looking to hire a video production company for a project? Here's a guide to making sure you end up with a high-quality product at the end.

Stand up regularly and stretch your legs

Since the human body is not made for sitting for too long at a stretch, it is beneficial to back health to regularly get up from your desk chair and stretch your legs. This also promotes concentration. If you take the tips for an ergonomic workstation to heart, you’ll notice after just a short time that your physical well-being increases, and so do productivity and creative impulses. This, in turn, benefits professional video editing and, of course, the corresponding work that comes out of it. All in all, it is important to set up the workstation in such a way that even long periods of working at the PC do not pose a problem.

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