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With the rising price of fuel hitting both your wallet and the environment, reducing your fuel consumption is a must. Discover how EcoCel can help.

EcoCel Reviews – Eco Fuel Saver Device

As the times are passing by fast, the world’s dynamic has changed everyone needs to own a car and should have their own ride to their desired destinations and their workplaces. Having a car makes life very easier and, in this time, and age it is necessary to have a car. It can be a good option for families with children and older people to have a car, just in case. The uses of cars are endless, nevertheless every good thing is followed by its drawbacks. The cars nowadays consume more fuel than ever, the problem of fuel consumption and its non-effectiveness is very consequential that is because it may deteriorate car health and hinder the engine’s horse power. The engine health is linked with effective fuel usage

Due to shortage of oil and gas in many regions of the world, and as well as United States; The fuel prices are also surging and the fuel market is increasing the fuel prices consistently be it gasoline, petrol or diesel. The prices are increasing multiple folds. It is making car owners worry about their budgets and their wallets. They have to cut back on their budgets or have to reduce car usage from normal usage. A common man already has bills on their hands that need to be paid; be it medical, to rental, water bills or maintenance etc. It has made car users stop their usage of cars more often to sometimes. It is harder for them to keep driving with that amount of prices reaching sky high. The extra fuel consumption also affects the environment and releases harmful chemicals not only for environment but also the human beings and animals. It is leaving carbon footprints in the environment and it is unhealthy. 

There is always a better approach a way to life. There is a way to reduce fuel consumption and to effectively consume fuel by cars or other road vehicles like trucks and trollers etc. There is constructive a way to help the environment and safeguard the future lives of humans and animals and heal the planet again and to reduce carbon foot print.  To make the car more efficient in the performance too. Well, there is a way to help with all these problems affiliated with the over consumption of fuel. It is EcoCel, a device for over-consumption of fuel in cars. Lets see what it is. 

What is EcoCel?

EcoCel is a new technology that has been introduced in the automobile car world recently it is one of those fuel saving devices that reduce the fuel consumption in many cars. EcoCel is a very compact device that has a size smaller than the night bulbs. It is a very effortless device with nothing to add or remove or to press, just plug and play this performance device and sit back. It has an intelligent chip that actually has very special features which can help in saving fuel consumption by the car. The chip helps the EcoCel Device configure the routine and pattern of car for better efficiency of the car and less consumption of fuel. The device has no hassle in installing the device. It doesn’t attach to the engine. 


It just attaches to a port inside car. The EcoCel Device has a capability to reduce efficiency ranging from 20% to 55%. 55% Fuel consumption could easily reduce fuel bills into half. Half of fuel will be consumed and less harmful fuel gases will be released in the environment and it might reduce the adverse effects of fuel on the health of individuals around it. Since less fuel is consumed there is less air pollution due to expulsion of exhaust gas by the car, which shows that the gas efficiency apparatus is eco-friendly. Leaving little to no carbon print in the environment. It can help greatly in reducing incentives that may lead to pollution.  It can help with increasing the horsepower of the car too. 

This can help in the longevity of the engine life and the car life. It is also known to help engine get better horse power letting the car engine reach its maximum potential. The device can work efficiently if it is kept attached to the car for longer period. It can mimic the driver’s driving pattern which is quite a progress and a very beneficial approach. The device doesn’t’ have any additional efforts for it to work. It doesn’t even have a button to start it just plug it in and ready to go. This performance chip also has a very firm built which can work in any condition. It is like it memorizes the patterns of the car and the usage of engine. 

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How is it different than other products in the market? 

There are not many devices available in the market that are helping in reducing the consumption of fuel effectively. Still there are devices available in the market that are being sold for the purpose of reducing fuel usage and utilizing it efficiently in order to help enhance the working of the engine. There is a problem these devices are made for electronic vehicles only and so it cannot be used in the cars produced before 1996, or in the cars that do not have an ODB-II port that is linked with electronic control unit which is a part of latest cars in the market. This device is also available for older cars to so that people who use old cars can benefit from it too. The device has an electronic build but has an ergonomic design. It does not have small transistor pins to connect with OBD-11 Port. 

The components of EcoCel Device are much better in quality than other products available in the market, they are made up of plastic and might melt and damage the car wand jam he parts after melting. It is hard to remove such issues. EcoCel has a glass body and has port made up of automobile parts so it can be easily plugged in without damaging itself or the car. It also has a glass bulb which covers and protects the circuit inside it. There are many other ways too efficiently use the fuel like using pool for public transport like taxi cabs and uber pools etc. People can stop using the cars for their daily life. 

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People can also remap their car engines, which is the tuning of the engine for better productivity and efficient usage of fuel; but this process is very expensive and permanent, if one tries to sell the car afterwards, they cannot get a better price on it. People would work on constant maintenance of car and engine and monthly checking which would cost even more become have you run the wallet. On the other hand, EcoCel Device can actually reduce all the costs and maintenance work and give the same results without having to pay for extra services and accessories.

Components of EcoCel Fuel Saver

The components of this device are actually in the form of circuit working collectively to perform a task and that is fuel efficiency and enhancing performance.  

  • Microcontroller Memory Chip:  memory chip as its main component that does all the work. It is like a machine but has memory which can imprint habits of the driver in order to memorize them and use it afterwards. It can be said that it is a reprogrammable computer with small memory, used only to adapt to the driving habits. 
  • Silicon Semiconductor: This component is used for adding resistivity to the circuit. This is because the engine can send current that may be fluctuated and can damage the engine or device so silicon semiconductors have been used to control the overflow of current. 
  • Voltage Regulator: This device helps in directing the flow of current and the amount of current, controlled by the microcontroller chip of the circuit in order to effectively use the current and less current is passed by. This also saves the car and its engine from current damage. 
  • LED light: The lights help indicate whether the device is switched on or not. 

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How to install EcoCel Device?

The installation of the device is pretty simple. It is important to follow every step. 

  1. Switch off the car and turn off the ignition and remove keys
  2. In the auxiliary power outlet insert the EcoCel Device and leave it.
  3. Put the key in ignition and start the engine, do not start driving the car
  4. Wait for the EcoCel Device to recognize the device, and accelerate and drive the car. 
  5. After around 150 miles the EcoCel Device will start to imprint the pattern of the driver’s pattern of driving as well as start to reduce fuel consumption.  

How does it work?

The working of this device is quite complicated as compared to its easier plug and play performance usage. 

The device actually uses a microcontroller memory chip that is the brains of the whole apparatus. As soon as the EcoCel Device is plugged in the auxiliary Power outlet which is the cigarette lighter in the car. The EcoCel Fuel Saver Device lights up and it means that it’s powered on. After that the driver should turn on the ignition and start the engine. The engine will start after that the individual driving the car should accelerate the car and start driving. 

Meanwhile the current from the engine will flow through the device where voltage controller and the resisting conductors will control the flow of current and tune it better in order to reduce fluctuation and damaging of any components of car, engine or the car. The current flow from engine through semi-conductors allow the microcontroller chip to see how much current is passing and the algorithm of the chip starts working and calculates the flow of current and sees how much fuel is being burned up, it also recognizes the driving style of the driver simultaneously so that it can memorize it and then it can control the usage of engine and the amount of fuel being used. This allows the engine to effectively use the fuel as well as improve its own health. 

EcoCel Benefits

  • It is eco-friendly
  • It tries to reduce the fuel impact on the environment
  • It helps in reducing fuel usage in order to save money on the bills. 
  • It is easy to use, just plug and play the device. 
  • It can help in longevity of the engine
  • It helps enhance the performance of the engine.

EcoCel Price

The EcoCel Device is available on its website only and nowhere else, there are no other physical or online attributes for buying the EcoCel Device. It accepts payment through credit card or debit card. Through Visa, MasterCard and American Express. On the order page, fill in contact information, billing information and shipping information like address, street, house number etc. and mobile number for confirmation message. 

  • The price of 1 EcoCel Device is: $39.98, and has a small shipping and handling fee. 
  • The price of 2 EcoCel Device (Buy 1 and get 50% off on second) is: $59.97 package. The price of one $39.98, and the other one is $ 19.99. It has no shipping and handling fee.
  • The price of 3 EcoCel Device is (Buy 2 get 1 free): $79.96 a package, and has no shipping and handling fee. 

There is an added 2-year warranty on the purchase which is $13.90 but it is discounted about 50% on the order page and is available for 6.95. It covers the purchase for 2 years allowing replacement and protection for free. 

Refund Policy

It has a 30-Days money back guarantee on the purchase. The refund policy is applicable only if the device is faulty and doesn’t work or it does not work the way it is supposed to like it is claimed by the website. The money back guarantee is 100% and the user can file in for complaint if there is a problem. There is a contact option right below the screen allowing users to contact the company’s representative. 

Does EcoCel Really Work?

This device has the potential to be an amazing device. It can help a lot of people and people who are trying to save money for better opportunities. It is a one-time investment for them and it can help a lot of families and individuals who are trying to save up. It will make a good use of the car and might help enhance the performance of the car. It is a great car companion and a engine friendly device. 

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