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The electric car is finally gaining the recognition it deserves as more and more people get smart about their impact on the Earth and how they navigate it.

Electric car boom in USA – Lucid

Energy has always been addressed differently in California, ever since the Socialists took over the local government and began developing their ideas into reality. Green energy is the renunciation of gas and oil in favor of renewable energy sources such as the sun or wind.

Residents may face extraordinary constraints as a result of this. For example, if the authorities believe that you are using water excessively, you may be barred from doing so. Even the use of a washing machine in an apartment is regarded as an outlay!

Although the situation is not common, the “overextensions” have been widely discussed in the news. Social capitalism is a terrifying entity that does not allow you to choose whether or not to pay for a service.

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Even the internet got their “regulations” with blockage of many websites, so to avoid another cost, businessmen use pirate bay to get the needed information.

To continue with the green deal, there is no choice but to reject small motors used in domestic appliances, such as cutting lawns or blowing leaves. Soon it will be allowed to work exclusively with electric power tools. Surprisingly, California contributes as much as it can to the development of electric transportation.

This is the “promised land” for businessmen in this field. Aside from taxes and government assistance, one factor stands out: electric power is quite inexpensive when compared to gasoline. The latter is becoming increasingly expensive in front of our eyes, and this trend is relentless.

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The energy crisis is spreading throughout the world. Of course, electricity cannot be divorced from the crisis, it too will rise in both production costs and end-user prices. However, the price differential with gasoline will remain, and the benefits of an electric automobile will become even more apparent.

The electric car industry is propelling Tesla forward. The company’s domestic sales have skyrocketed. There are many such cars on the road in the United States, and their distribution is most concentrated in California.

It is nearly impossible to surprise anyone with Tesla. In ten years, the view of electric cars has transformed, and they have become a common consumer commodity.

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As a result, an increasing number of organizations desire to enter this market segment in order to gain a share of it. Lucid is one of these newcomers. The first Lucid Air is already on the market and can be seen in Lucid boutiques (unfortunately, you cannot travel yet).

They believe that Tesla has a fairly limited interior for its price category and that the business has yet to understand how to make premium automobiles. The average level that Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and other well-known manufacturers are not reached.

There is no money in the cabin, and everything is clean and modest. Lucid opted to rectify this situation by positioning their vehicles in the higher price range for businessmen.

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Because these are luxury vehicles, the first configuration of the Air Dream Edition costs around 169 thousand dollars. Tesla abandoned the method in which the most expensive models arrive first and then gradually become cheaper.

The Grand Touring option will start at 139 thousand dollars, while the cheaper option will start at 95 thousand dollars, but much later. The objective is to maximize market potential by making the car attractive so that customers choose it based on its appearance and quality.

One of the most essential features of the Lucid that is stressed is its range, up to 520 miles (the lower tier is up to 406 miles, but this is a theory, there were no field tests). Tests, even independent ones, have passed the same 500 miles that the car does with the earlier arrangement.

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I can’t say I’m overjoyed, but the car is clearly better equipped than the Tesla. The autonomy, or autopilot, is identical to that of a Tesla, and with updates, it improves even more.

It is evident that, at the very least, talking about Lucid’s success is premature. But what matters here is that a new player will enter the market, providing purchasers with luxury vehicles. This sophistication appears to be rather intriguing.

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