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Southern Maryland is the best-kept secret in the DC region. With great food and entertainment options on your doorstep, you'll never be bored on your visit.

Visiting Southern Maryland This Weekend -What Can You Do For Fun

Southern Maryland is the best-kept secret in the DC region. With great food, drink, and entertainment options on your doorstep, you’ll never be bored again. This place is perfect for spending some quality time with your friends, family, or loved ones. You can enjoy the beauty of this place and witness the unmatched aura of this city this weekend. Whether you want to just relax or do some adventurous activities this weekend, Southern Maryland has it all for you. Check out these fun weekend ideas!

Visit the Marine Museum’s Sea Otters, Chessie-Grace, and Chumley

If you are here for a few days, just visit Solomons first. For all those art and history fans, there is this historic museum of Calvert Marine Museum to gain firsthand experience of the cultural history of this place. This is one of the many amazing things to do in Southern Maryland this weekend.

This museum is located at the Chesapeake Bay, which is an extraordinary place. Also, do not forget to try the exhibit of Otter and try greeting with Cheesie-Grace and Chumley here. These are the two most famous cheesy otters of this museum. 

Enjoy Thrilling Race Event at Maryland International Raceway!

The Maryland International Raceway is the perfect place for lovers of races. It is one of the most exhilarating fun weekends in this small city. You will never feel bored here because this Maryland International Raceway has one of the thrilling races in this region. If you are a fan of racing and want to experience the adrenaline rush, you should visit this place soon.

Visit The Sites Of Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum

The Jefferson Patterson Park is one of the most visited tourist places in Southern Maryland. This place stretches across 21 acres and offers an amazing view of the Chesapeake Bay. However, this place has a long history as well. 

During colonial times, this place witnessed a lot of conquests and attacks by British navy ships. You can see these places by visiting this place soon. There is also a native American museum here which shows how people are in this place.

Try One of The Many Southern Maryland’s Wineries For Relaxing

Being an old town itself, this place has a lot to offer for history buffs and foodies. Having been through many changes in its past, you can feel how old it is from here. The places here have a lot to offer in terms of wine tasting and also some amazing Italian food. So, visit one of the many wineries of this place and enjoy the magnificent ambiance here. You can even go for a bike ride or horseback riding here.

Try Your Hands at Fishing in St. Mary’s County

This place has so much to offer you, yet you are not going there? Though most tourists come here for their pleasure, fishing is also another favorite activity of most of them, especially people who are into fishing.

This place is full of fun and adventure. So, do not wait and book your tickets soon. Instead, book a stay over in this hotel near the bay to get a closer look at the beauty surrounding you. The list doesn’t end here as there are so many great places for you to explore here in Southern Maryland.

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