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There are several top destinations to consider in 2021. Here are the best spots to consider for freelancers.

Top Destinations For Freelancers – 2021 Edition

The best thing about being a freelancer? You can work from anywhere you want!

The last two years shed a light on remote working. More and more people have learned the benefits of being able to work remotely. Corporations are not the only businesses nowadays that are hiring freelancers – small business owners do it too! There’s even an entire platform named Brybe Marketplace designed to connect small business owners with freelancers – talk about addressing the business needs in a time of crisis, right?

More importantly, freelancing helps more professionals to experience the life they have always dreamed of living. Here’s a list of all the places that are suitable for freelancers to do their job, enjoy their surroundings, and essentially, have a joyful life.


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Over the last few years, Indonesia, and especially Bali, has become the ideal place for freelancers and digital nomads. It’s all due to low costs of living, high-quality of life, great coworking spaces, eventful nightlife, and rich local culture. 

As a result of the increased interest of remote workers to live and work there, local companies are putting their best effort to provide stable internet connection. Not to mention the breathtaking nature, beaches and above all, delicious food.


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Who could resist the warm weather, tasty sangria, and much-needed siesta after lunch? That’s right, Spanish people know how to live, and if you’re a freelancer, you can too! Madrid and Barcelona have become the go-to cities for freelancers. With their rich history, amazing architecture, heartwarming people, and beautiful weather, these cities have a lot to offer for any freelancer.


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We can’t mention Spain as the ideal place for freelancers without mentioning Portugal. Much smaller in size but equally interesting in offering unforgettable experiences, Portugal is a must-visit for all Freelancers. Lisbon, Porto, Algarve are all cities that will leave you breathless. 

The cost of living is surprisingly cheaper compared to the rest of Europe’s capital cities. No one can stay indifferent to the vibrant colors of Lisbon and the overall friendly Portuguese culture. Plus, Portugal is one of the few countries where you can live on a digital nomad visa and have a chance for citizenship after five years.


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Another tropical place on this list, but Thailand has earned freelancers’ trust. Thailand has a lot to offer to freelancers – stable Wi-Fi connection, excellent weather, friendly people, tasty food, and many more benefits. 

The cost of living in Thailand is quite low too. Due to the large interest for freelancers and remote workers to move to Thailand, the local communities and businesses have transformed many cafes into coworking spaces.


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Vietnam has been on the top of all lists for ideal freelancers’ places and for a good reason too.

Vietnam, with its sunny day, affordable standard, and high quality of life, has so much to offer for freelancers and remote workers. More and more freelancers are traveling to this country to experience everything that it has to offer. For some people, Vietnam may be chaotic at times, but it’s precisely that, that makes it great! There are many co-living initiatives in Vietnam too, and those are great for first-time visitors!

It’s never been easier to enter the digital world, build a freelance career, and experience what the world has to offer. If you’re still having doubts about this life, check out Brybe Marketplace, as it’s a great opportunity for any new freelancer. 

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