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Spain is one of the most popular travel destinations among tourists. And there is nothing surprising about it. This is a perfect place for both a cultural and beach vacation. We’ve created a list of places and sights you should visit in this mesmerizing country.

Best travel destinations in Spain and what is virtual phone number

Spain is a real travel paradise. It is a country with an ancient history, many well-preserved medieval quarters and squares. The magnificent architecture of Antonio Gaudi and kilometers of luxurious beaches of the Atlantic coast and the Mediterranean will definitely amaze you. Spain is also rich in natural attractions. Everyone will be able to find something according to their preferences. That’s why the title of one of the most popular travel destinations is well-deserved. We’ve created a list of places and sights you should visit in this mesmerizing country. By the way, many travelers wonder what is virtual phone number. A virtual phone number is an advanced solution to make your trips more comfortable. Esim will give you the opportunity to keep in touch with your friends and relatives wherever you are. 

Park Guell

A perfect place to explore the art of Antonio Gaudi. The park is located on the outskirts of Barcelona. Its construction began in 1901. Antonio Gaudi was massively involved in the process. The most famous attraction of the park is a huge winding bench made of fragments of ceramic products, broken glass and other colorful construction debris. There are many other interesting buildings and compositions in the park. For example, fairy-tale houses at the entrance and a mosaic Salamander.

City of Arts and Sciences

A futuristic architectural complex of five buildings for different purposes in the city of Valencia. The modern buildings include a cinema, a planetarium, a theater, a greenhouse, a science museum, a concert hall, and an open-air oceanographic park. The composition is complemented by a grandiose suspension bridge. Its length is 180 meters, and its height is about 125 meters. There is also a beautiful park with streams and pools in this area.

Palace of Catalan Music 

A concert hall in the style of Art Nouveau. A feature of its architecture is the natural lighting of the hall. The glass ceiling made of multicolored mosaics looks like a dome. The combination of blue and gold colors prevails, which resembles a real sky with the sun. The facade is decorated with frescoes. Inside the hall there are many sculptures. The palace always hosts world-class performances.

Alcazar in Segovia

One of the most popular places in Spain. It is located on a high rock at the confluence of small rivers. Alcazar was built in the IX century as a fortress. But later it was rebuilt into a palace. Now there is also a museum. Ancient interiors have been restored, collections of weapons, furniture and portraits of kings have been exhibited. The impressive throne room, the fireplace room and the hall with Venetian stained-glass windows are especially popular among tourists. 


Thousands of tourists travel to Cordoba annually to see the masterpieces of architecture with their own eyes. In the past, it was the most magnificent mosque in the city. Giant double arches inside the building connected by hundreds of columns. Marble, onyx, granite, and jasper were used to make the columns. The blue dome is decorated with golden tiles in the form of stars. The prayer hall consists of five zones, each with its own architectural features.

There are many options for a holiday in Spain and for almost every tourist, the country can offer its best. Be sure to try a menu del dia one lunch time and enjoy the amazing food.

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