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If you don't feel safe going to a theme park this summer, but still want the excitement of the rides, try watching one of these theme park ride POV videos.

Watch these theme park POV videos and stay safe inside

Theme parks have always been a classic staple of summer vacation. The thrill of roller coasters, the sweetness of cotton candy, and the sickness of combining the two are as synonymous with summer as the beach. But COVID-19 has the theme park industry struggling to find a way to make money while keeping guests safe.

Sure, your favorite theme park is promising extra sanitation and is limiting entry. But people aren’t always trustworthy, and people can also transmit coronavirus while being asymptomatic. But how are you supposed to get your thrills in without the park? Simple: POV ride videos.

If you don't feel safe going to a theme park this summer, but still want the excitement of the rides, try watching one of these theme park ride POV videos.

Nearly every ride at any theme park in the world has a POV video on YouTube for people to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for the thrill of Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure, the excitement of Spinball Whizzer at Alton Towers, or the calm and slighting annoying singing of It’s a Small World at Disney World, you can find it.

So this summer, play these videos on your TV instead of going to a theme park to stay as safe as can be. If you want to go on a worldwide journey of some of the top amusement park rides worldwide, here’s the best videos to watch to catch the thrill. 

Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

Let’s be real: Even if you went to Universal this summer, you never would’ve ridden this anyway because the lines would still be ridiculous. So enjoy the Harry Potter themed coaster from the comfort of your couch instead. 

Jurassic Park ride

While this ride doesn’t exist anymore as it was replaced by the Jurassic World ride, you can still enjoy the classic design through POV videos. Get a mister to get the full effect of the water ride as well. 

The Smiler

If you want the thrill of Alton Towers’ top coaster without the headache that comes from its 14 inversions, try watching this front row seat POV. With the most inversions of any theme park coaster in the world, it’s a thrill even if you’re not really sitting in the front seat riding it yourself. 

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance 

Similar to Hagrid’s Magical Creatures, you’d never get on this ride even with reduced admission in Disneyland/Disney World. So take in the full experience through this great POV that captures not only the ride itself, but the waiting area, pre-show, and transport. 

Mystery Lodge

One of the classic attractions at Knott’s Berry Farm, this show was one of the last attractions put into the park by the original owners. It shows too, as the flair and excitement with the storytelling has captivated fans since its inception 1994. Enjoy the magic and storytelling as the attraction has been shut down for renovations for the time being. 

Lightning Racer

Wooden roller coasters are always a great time for thrill seekers. But Hershey Park gives coaster fans an extra perk as they race another train back to the station. Both trains have their own unique track as well, so you can ride twice and have a completely different experience depending on the train you choose. 

The Lego Movie: Masters of Flight

Of course Legoland added The Lego Movie themed attractions, so if you want a ride the whole family can enjoy, load up onto a triple decker couch for a flying adventure. Travel of all the various worlds from The Lego Movie and its sequel with Emmet and Wyldstyle in this flying ride. 

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