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In this article, we have compiled six important roles that a realtor plays in the process of investing in estate property. Should you invest in Sharjah?

Important Roles of a Realtor When Investing in Sharjah

A top rule for money management is investing your money to multiply it, and one of the safest investments is in real estate. Also, as you know, the United Arab Emirates is a money multiplier in every sense. So, it is only natural that it will reward you with good returns on investment in its real estate.

Let us first take a brief look into the background of realty in the U.A.E. After a 4-year bout of decline, the real estate market of the U.A.E. started to see recovery from 2019 onwards. The U.A.E.’s third most populated city, Sharjah, has efficiently overcome the pandemic-led diminution of the real estate market and witnessed a strong bounce-back from the second half of 2020, driven by robust pent-up demand. 

Moreover, proximity to Dubai and the large variety of restaurants, museums, theatres, and educational institutions in Sharjah make it an attractive city to live in.

Sharjah is situated very close to Dubai. However, living in Sharjah is much cheaper than living in Dubai. Expatistan says that it is 28% cheaper to live in Sharjah than that in Dubai, and up to 50% of monthly housing expenses can be saved by living in Sharjah instead of Dubai.

However, one cannot be a professional in all walks. So it is always a good idea to leave certain things at the hands of dedicated experts. Realtors are the bridges between buyers and sellers for a reason. 

So, for those looking to invest in Sharjah, the safest bet is to hire the services of a realtor who can guide you through all your concerns and spare you the struggles of investing in the real estate market. This will make your investment journey easier, and you will end up with the best deal.

In this article, we have compiled six important roles that a realtor plays in the process of investing in estate property. These discussions will answer all your queries regarding investing in Sharjah real estate market and why you should opt for the assistance of a good realtor to make the most out of your investment both emotionally and financially:

Selection of Property

Whether you live in Sharjah or not, you cannot go door to door, searching through Google maps to get a decent property. Realtors have contacts, they are aware of properties on sale, legalities, drawbacks, locational advantages, etc.

All you need to do is discuss your needs, demands, and budget with the realtor, which will help him chalk out the most suitable properties for you.

And after hunting down your favourite properties and finalizing the one you want, here comes the next step in which the realtor will help you.

Pitch and Negotiation

Realtors know that both the buyer and seller of the property are their clients. Therefore, they are well-versed in bringing out a number that will make everyone happy. Realtors are also the main negotiators of the final price.

Their knowledge and analysis of the market will be presented in a way that both parties will arrive at the optimal finalized price. This brings us to the next point. 

Binding Contract

A contract ensures the legal safety of the buyer and seller. Realtors ensure the agreement between the parties reflected in the contract, abiding by all rules and regulations.

Moreover, to prevent any fraudulent activity or scam, realtors often create a warrant that will hold the seller guilty in case of any scam.

Guidance on Money Matters

If you have your own money, the financial transaction process is surely easier. However, some require a loan. In such a case, as a part of his job, a realtor will refer you to a financial agent.

A realtor will help you get loan approval, guide you through the document, and make sure you are aware of your rights and boundaries.

Documentation Assistance 

When the task of arranging the fund is done and dusted, it is time to get your papers straight. 

The entire process of documentation will be done under the supervision of your realtor. Once the documentation is done, you get your papers and keys.

Post-sale Assistance

A realtor hangs around even after you get possession of your property, making sure you are facing no issues and helping you in case you do. 

So, one can rest assured that he will not be left alone with his new problems or concerns after he receives his receipts and keys.

A Quick Footnote

It is true that realtors are the heroes of the real estate business. An investment in real estate is one of the most important and heavy choices in a person’s life. 

However, no one comes into this game for the short or medium term. Therefore, it is imperative to make this investment worthwhile. Realtors are here to smoothen your property-buying experience. 

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