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India's coastal Alibaug is the place to be as many flock to Revdanda to experience the comfort, excitement, luxury, and freedom of beach camping!


The word ‘camping’ has always been associated with wild, hilly terrains and difficult routes. In India, especially, camping has always been associated with going on mountaineering expeditions.

However, as it is said, there are always roads less travelled and options yet to be explored and enjoyed. Beach camping is one such activity that is slowly gaining pace and popularity among the masses. It’s a relatively new form of adventure when it comes to the Indian context, but it is widely being liked.

It provides you the ultimate close-to-life experience in a natural setting with several amenities and fun-filled activities.

revdanda beach camping

There are several sites in India that are suitable for beach camping. One such area is the city of Alibaug in the state of Maharashtra. It is home to numerous beaches and is surrounded by numerous tourist spots like forts, wildlife sanctuary, etc.

This adventurous activity even finds the government supporting it whole-heartedly. It is a great form of attracting tourists and generating more and more revenue. One particularly famous beach camping site is the Revdanda beach camping close to Alibaug. 

revdanda beach camping

Revdanda Beach

The Revdanda beach is one of the most favourite spots for families, couples and friends. It is located near Alibaug and is easily reachable from both Mumbai and Pune. Revdanda beach offers clean water and a safe visiting experience. Moreover, with all these safety and cleanliness measures in place, it still makes no compromise on fun and entertainment.

The Revdanda beach allows the visitors to consume liquor and even have late night parties. Thus, camping on this beach sounds like the perfect weekend getaway with any group of people you like. Also, the visitors can explore a whole of other locations that are located in close proximity to this beach. These include the likes of Colaba fort, Korlai fort, Birla temple, Pawna Lake Camping etc. 

revdanda beach camping

The Revdanda Beach Camping Features & Experience

Revdanda beach camping offers some of the best and first in class features and amenities to the visitors. The organizers make sure that the visitors enjoy fully and do not face any problem or discomfort during their stay. This beach camping experience costs around INR 1500 per person. There is no age bar to avail this package.

The package comes inclusive of all basic amenities and other food and entertainment experiences. However, visits to outside locations like forts, etc. are separately payable. The campsite adheres to the highest norms of health and hygiene. The food is prepared by local people with fresh veggies and meat to ensure that food is tasty and fresh.

revdanda beach camping

Apart from this, there are western seat washrooms available for common use that are cleaned several times in a day. Following the pandemic, even more, emphasis is being placed on cleanliness and sanitation. 

The campsite also provides parking facilities and consists of alpine tents with comfortable and supportive mattresses. These tents are the best in Alibaug and can be occupied on a double or triple sharing basis.

The campsite also provides some premium features like watersports and private beach camping on special demand. Party nights are organized regularly that include bonfire, BBQ, DJ and games. Thus, it is quite an entertaining experience that is worth your money. 

revdanda beach camping

Booking Process

An advance booking is required at the Revdanda campsite as the campsite is usually filled on weekends. You can book your spot online on their website and choose your package and beach camp. In case you are traveling in big informal or corporate groups, the campsite offers an even more attractive package. 

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