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If you are looking to build travel apps to improve your business net worth here is the full guide for you to develop travel apps.

3 Reasons To Develop A Travel App For Your Business

Travel is estimated to be a Trillion Dollar economy in 2022. It is going to generate 2 Trillion in the US economy in the next financial year. 

It is here; the era that encompasses a mega boom in travel and tourism all over the World. Building a travel app today is a clever move. 

If you are not convinced then you think about travel app development cost and here are 3 reasons why a travel app for your business is the best investment.

1. Prices of travel and tourism have doubled in the past year

There is a net 9.5 percent increase in the travel index reported in April 2021 by the US Travel Association. Flight prices have also risen by 30 percent. Hotels and Airbnbs have started charging much higher than pre-pandemic levels.

Forbes reports that the average prices have gone up from $185 pre-pandemic to $220 per night today. Such is the state. Rental car prices have also gone up to great levels.
The travel economy has almost started looking like a luxury one now. So if you want to step into it, you must be on your toes. Imagine the numbers that you will be dealing with.

If you want to offer agent or brokerage services, there is an excellent margin to acquire commission from. If you are offering stays, transportation, or other travel services, you can mark them at premium prices. Your business can be propelled to great heights. All you need is a travel app.

2. The COVID-19 pandemic has people saying #reclaimyourtravel

Mid-2021, this hashtag was trending everywhere. #Reclaimyourtravel. Be it Twitter or Instagram, it was out and about on all social media platforms. Post-pandemic, there has been a rebound in travel among the masses.

According to a new report by the World Travel and Tourism Council, 2022 is going to be a bigger year for travel than 2021. People are frustrated with staying indoors for a really long pandemic. 

Many people have quit corporate to become ‘Digital Nomads’. The US workforce fell by almost 3 percent in one month in August 2021. The endless days of quarantine and stress from news reports have taken a toll on the mental health of the population. They are out for vengeance. The governments have eased out travel restrictions. They have realized that tourism is a blessing to the country’s economy. 

A survey from McKinsey reveals that travel is the second-most desired activity among people post-pandemic (the first being ‘dining out’). With all this zeal, the travel age is almost peaking to its zenith.

3. Travel Apps have a very wide scope of services

The travel industry has a lot to offer. Starting from brokerage services to products, you can do anything under the sun. You can develop an airline agency app. You can create an app to book hotels, resorts, and vacation homes.

You can offer car rentals. You can even create a social media app for travelers to network. The list is endless. You will never be niched down to a small area. There will be tons of market space to expand into.

If one area does not interest you, move to another. You can handle logistics and operations through your app. You can also be available exclusively online and offer planning services. This is a world of ventures waiting for you to step in. 

So get ready for the new year. Invest your capital and efforts into a good travel app. Soon you will be seeing massive returns on it. Before the travel and tourism space starts getting saturated, you need to make your move. Travel is going to be your golden ticket.

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