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Yacht Jerico Shares How to Get Ready for A Yacht Charter Holiday

Miami is the ultimate place for a variety of yacht charter experiences. Known as the world’s playground, Florida offers loads of delights because of its subtropical climate, oceanfront cities, luxurious condominiums, beautiful beaches, lavish yachts, and endless parties.

Yacht charter holidays are the ultimate experience for those wanting to explore this vast area and its enchantments by sea. Yacht charter companies like Miami Boat Charters and Yacht Jerico are offering unique yacht charter opportunities.

Getting ready for a sailing trip requires more than just taking clothes and personal items with you. 

What to Consider When Booking Your Yacht Charter Holiday?

There are several factors you need to consider when planning a yacht vacation. These include the type of yacht, your destination, itinerary, activities, and the menu.

Whether you decide to charter a mega yacht, catamaran, motor yacht, or sailing yacht, be assured that you will have a wonderful experience. Unless you are sailing yourself, make sure to work with the captain in charge, mind the rules and utilize all the amenities on the boat.

Finally, when boarding, run a thorough check of the boat, its inventory, equipment, safety gear, data, etc. Once you set sail, let someone ashore know what your plans are.

What do You need with You on A Yacht Charter Holiday?

Here are a few important sailing items and emergency essentials to make sure you have an idyllic time at sea in Florida.

Always check what is available on your yacht before deciding what to take with you.


Depending on your destination, you may need a passport and visas. Whatever documentation you take, remember to also take your sailing license. Also, have a few copies of all documents. Passengers on prescription medication must mark their bottles with their names, medication names, and dosage. It is best to keep important documents and medication safe in an under-the-shirt security pouch.


Closets and cabinets in yachts are smaller than usual, making it difficult to stow away hard bags. Pack your essentials and clothes in soft-sided bags.

Keeping Everything Dry

There is nothing worse than constantly having damp money or a damaged phone. Once on the water, you will want to enjoy the yacht and its pleasures as much as possible. Make sure to keep your personal belongings dry in Zip Lock Bags.

Clothing to pack

T-shirts, shorts, and swimsuits are the perfect apparel for your time on the water. Remember to also pack a windbreaker or light raincoat, hat, and sunglasses. Your footwear should include boat (good grip and non-marking soles), water, and street shoes. You can go barefoot on the boat if you prefer, this also helps to keep decks clean. Most charters include linens and towels, but you are usually welcome to bring your own.


Sunblock is essential on a yacht cruise, and oil-free is the best type if you need to reapply a lot.  Tanning oils are not recommended because they stain wood and fabric. Remember to pack an SPF lip balm because the wind and sun can dry your lips.

Travel size shampoo, soap, and dental hygiene products are also important. Light sleepers might want to pack earplugs and eye shades. Insect repellent is also recommended on yacht trips. For those needing anti-nausea medication, it is recommended you bring your own. Hairdryers and make-up are usually set aside by most people on trips, but if they are essential to you, feel free to bring them with you.

Miscellaneous Items

Books to read, matches, playing cards, and a flashlight are some of the items people like to take on cruises. You might also want to bring a smaller bag for beach trips, your journal, binoculars, and a camera. Don’t forget your chargers for your electronics.

What Not to Bring

Yachts include all cooking and eating implements. They are also well kitted with a first aid kit, navigation tools, and charts. Expensive jewelry should rather be left at home.

Ultimate Party Yachts

Yacht Jerico offers unique sailing opportunities on the water. Whether you want to throw a party, host an elegant dinner, or share a romantic meal, their range of boats includes the Pershing 94, 92, and 62, Azimut 80, and Cruiser 60.

Celebrities and celebrated individuals from all walks of life have enjoyed the amenities of Yacht Jerico yachts. These also include their spectacular outdoor nightclubs and overhead beam spotlights.

Their ultimate party boats include some of the fastest yachts on the water; the Pershing is designed by Pininfarina of Ferrari and powered by Rolls Royce. Booking a party at sea has never been easier! 

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