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Migrate To Australia from UAE: Requirements, Process and Cost

Migrate To Australia from UAE: Requirements, Process and Cost

Australia is a popular destination for people looking to migrate to a new country for better opportunities and quality of life. For people in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Australia is a desirable option due to its robust economy, luxurious lifestyle, and outstanding educational and healthcare systems. This blog will explore the requirements, processes, and costs associated with migrating to Australia from Dubai.

Requirements for Migration to Australia

Before applying to migrate to Australia, a few requirements need to be met. These include:

  1. Age: Applicants must be under the age of 45 years.
  2. Language proficiency: Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English by passing an approved English language test or holding a passport from an approved English-speaking country.
  3. Qualifications and Skills: Applicants must have qualifications and skills recognized in Australia. This can be achieved through a skills assessment, which involves having your qualifications and experience assessed by a relevant authority in Australia.
  4. Health and Character: Applicants must meet specific health and character requirements, which include passing a medical examination and obtaining police clearance certificates from all countries where they have lived for more than 12 months.

Process for Migration to Australia

The process for migrating to Australia from Dubai involves several steps:

  1. Research: The first step is to investigate the various available visa choices to ascertain which one is the best fit for your situation.
  2. Sending forward a statement of interest when you’ve identified the appropriate visa, you must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the Australian government’s SkillSelect program. This program lets you indicate your interest in migrating to Australia and provide information about your qualifications and experience.
  3. Obtain a request to apply: In the event that your EOI is accepted, you will be invited to apply for a visa.
  4. Submit a Visa Application: Once you have received an invitation to apply, you need to submit a visa application. This involves providing evidence to support your qualifications and skills and meeting the health and character requirements.
  5. Wait for a Decision: After submitting your application, you must wait for a decision. The processing time can vary depending on the type of visa you have applied for.

Costs for Migration to Australia

The cost of migrating to Australia from Dubai can vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for and the specific requirements that need to be met. Some of the costs you can expect to incur include:

  1. Visa Application Fees: The fees for visa applications can range from AUD $1,485 to AUD $4,045, depending on the type of visa.
  2. Skills Assessment Fees: If you need to have your skills assessed, you must pay a fee to the relevant authority.
  3. English Language Test Fees: If you need to take an English language test, you must pay a fee to the test provider.
  4. Health Examination Fees: You will need to undergo a medical examination as part of the application process, which will incur a fee.


Migrating to Australia from Dubai can be complex, but it can provide many benefits. To ensure a successful application, it is essential to research the different visa options, meet the requirements, and understand the costs involved. With the proper preparation and support, migrating to Australia can be a life-changing experience for individuals and families looking to start a new life chapter.

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