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Our crowdfunding project of today is 'Fall Break ‘18', a love letter to the 1980s made by Tristan Peach, Jessica Johns, and Brad A. Kinnan.

Currently Crowdfunding: ‘Fall Break ‘18’

Our crowdfunding project of today is Fall Break ‘18. It’s a love letter to the film culture of the 1980s made by a team of creators: Tristan Peach, Jessica Johns, and Brad A. Kinnan.

Fall Break ‘18 wears its love of the 80s on its sleeve, taking inspiration from the music, the fashion, and of course, the movies – including everything from John Hughes to Jason Voorhees.

It’s been seven long years since the traumatic death of Matt’s little brother. To find solace on another melancholy anniversary, he, his girlfriend Barbara, and their colorful group of friends escape to the desert for a camping getaway. However, Matt’s past isn’t ready to forget him. When strange and horrendous things start happening, he is forced to keep running or finally face his demons.”

Fall Break ‘18 features the talents of a giant of the industry, legendary special effects wizard Dwight Roberts (New Nightmare, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Gremlins 2). For Fall Break ‘18 he’s created a terrifying, disturbing creature sure to give you sleepless nights. The movie also features some incrediblely disgusting body horror gore with the help of up-and-coming talent Sophia Aguayo.

The other key element of creating any great homage to 80s cinema is the music. Channeling the trend of period horror synth soundtracks, Fall Break ‘18  has created a unique score with the help of some of today’s top synthwave artists: Ollie Wride, Michael Oakley, The New Division, and Missing Words. Prepare to be taken back to the 80s with this totally rad soundtrack you’ll listen to over and over again.

Meet the Fall Break ‘18 team

Brad Kinnan

Founder of DYNMC Creative, the director/cinematographer has steadily worked in the music video/commercial world. With a recognizable visual flair his move to narrative features is a natural next step.

Jessica Johns

A standup comedian first, scribe second, her multifaceted career is in bloom. Darkly comic, her unique perspective flows out of her work weather on stage or page.

Tristan Peach

A working actor his entire life, Tristan’s recent dive into writing and producing proves the stage and screen wasn’t enough. Whether it be comedy, drama, or horror, he stars behind and in front of the camera.

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