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Is Hotwire a perfect travel companion?

When it comes to travel, the team at Hotwire is a lot like you! We’re always bringing back travel tips and stories from our adventures because we don’t just think about trips, we go out and live them. And like you, we’re passionate about sharing insider knowledge of destinations and finding the best deals. We also share amazing ways to save time and energy when planning and booking that next great getaway.

As travel companions, we understand that the more we travel, the more we enrich our lives. Hotwire is built for people like you because we know that when it’s easy to book trips and save money, you’ll travel more often and get more out of the trips you take. For this reason, it is one of the first online travel sites to offer deep discounts through our specially negotiated Hot Rate deals.

As time goes by, we’ve developed the best travel app for smartphones and tablets, and why we’re always hunting down and offering to you a variety of exclusive deals. Whether you need a rental car for a road trip this weekend, a last-minute hotel near friends or family, or simply the best price in an amazing neighborhood you want to explore, Hotwire’s got you covered. Where to now?

Why Hotwire?

Finding a travel companion is a hard task, not only does it have to be someone you get along with, but an efficient mind that can solve the trouble. For Hotwire, it’s all about finding and delivering incredible deals, in fact, the platform is a leading discount travel site that offers ridiculously low prices! By now you’ll be wondering how it is possible and we’ll give you all the facts you need to know. 

The truth is Hotwire has special relationships with major travel providers to help them fill airline seats, hotel rooms, and rental cars that would otherwise go unsold. In this way, Hotwire customers get them at prices lower than many other travel sites, but know that it is entirely secure to book any service through this service. Our posted price model makes it easy for our customers to find a great deal. 

No bidding. No hassle. No games. If it makes you feel safer in the Hotwire Press Room, you’ll find media contact information, press releases, expert travel advice, and all you want to know about Hotwire. In fact, since 2010 Hotwire has achieved several awards regarding accreditations and website efficiency. If you’re interested in joining the Hotwire Affiliate Program after reading this, here’s all you need to know.

Why Become an Affiliate?

If you have a website and customers who could benefit from amazing travel discounts offered by Hotwire, you can earn cash by joining our affiliate program. When a customer books travel by visiting through your affiliate link, you get credit for the referral. So becoming an affiliate will give you some extra cash aside from the general discounts & promotions that come along with it. 

Like all kinds of service businesses, commissions are an essential part to make your affiliation worth it. Through a competitive commission, you can earn competitive payouts on hotel, car, air, and vacation packages. If you’re a constant traveler, becoming a Hotwire affiliate is a must for you, since you’ll be constantly meeting new people with the same interests and generating commissions. 

With your unique affiliate ID, you’ll get access to deep links, text links, widgets, and banners embedded. Also, if you have any trouble while doing this process, know that our affiliate marketing team’s passion is to help you become successful. Get ready to receive weekly emails with tips, frequent sales information, and significant deals to help convert your visitors through your affiliate ID. Book your tickets now.

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