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From Manoa Falls to Hawaii to Laie Falls, take a charter boat out to Oahu and explore the best hiking spots for a Hawaiian paradise experience!

Let’s Go Hiking In Hawaiian Paradise

The Aloha land of Hawaii will take you on a series of thrilling adventures. It’s a land of Polynesian culture, crystal-blue waters, and the iconic Pearl Harbor. While the beauty of beaches and the excitement of water sports is unmatchable, the Oahu island brings you another sight to enjoy.

hiking in hawaiian paradise

Hike And See Waterfalls In Oahu

You know Oahu for many things such as snorkeling, spinning dolphins, sunsets, food, and the list goes on. Many of you must have given a visit to this island to feel the ocean on a Hawaii charter boat with your family, partner, and friends. But Oahu is home to many more things. You can wander in botanical gardens, swim at Hanauma bay, or go hiking.

Oahu, the touristy love, offers world-famous hiking trails. See the list below to help you plan your next adventure:

hiking in hawaiian paradise

Manoa Falls

Manoa fall is the most accessible and crowded hiking trail because of its closeness to Waikiki beach. It has a short length so that you can take your kids for an introductory hiking experience. Once you reach the top, a 150-foot waterfall awaits to pose as the background for your selfies.

hiking in hawaiian paradise

Waimano Falls

To reach the Waimano fall, follow the Manana trail. The going up journey will be smooth, but it gets a bit trickier while coming down because of a steep elevation. So, pack your bags with snacks to accompany you on this 2-hour long trail.

hiking in hawaiian paradise

Maunawili Falls

Maunawili Falls will make your adrenaline rush through your veins with its best picturesque scenic views. However, it’s a 3-hour long trip, so make sure you start this hike early.

hiking in hawaiian paradise

Ka’au Crater

Ka’au crater’s hike gives you a 360-degree experience with three waterfalls on its list to sway the hikers. This hike will enchant the adventure cravers with mountain climbing and streams, making it difficult for novice hikers to catch up. Also, make sure you take some food to help your body keep the adrenaline rush. From Paloma Valley to the crater of Ka’au, the trek can get rough because of some streams and a little mountain climbing.

hiking in hawaiian paradise

Likeke Falls

Hikers can reach Likeke falls from two different routes, with the second one being easier for children and novice hikers, i.e., Old Pali Highway and Ko’olau Golf Club. This hike is best to make your family awe of the beauty of Likeke falls. Nevertheless, take your map along with you, as you may get lost on this easy yet complex trail.

hiking in hawaiian paradise

Laie Falls

This trail is for advanced hikers who have plenty of time on their hands and enough passion for going on this 7-mile trail. However, hikers need to get a permit from the Hawaii reserves for Laie Falls. But, the permit is worth the while with enough natural extras of bamboo pines and fruit trees along the way and a 15-foot waterfall of Laie waiting at the top. Do not forget to take snacks with you.

hiking in hawaiian paradise

Pack your bags!

So next time when someone asks for a suggestion on a hiking trip, make sure you mention this list from the land of Oahu. Every trail offers an escape into the natural landscape with sparkling waterfalls. You can also book a hiking trip along with your boat cruise to make the most out of your Hawaii trip. So, Pack your bags with snacks to be your partner on your next hiking venture. 

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