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Alchemy and Spirituality: Navigating the Journey of the Soul

While alchemy and spirituality seem to be polar opposites, they have quite a lot in common. The process of attaining spiritual enlightenment is often compared with the process of creating gold from metals. In the current world, Online Yoga Studios can help you attain inner peace and tranquility with Yoga Teacher Training Online.

In this blog, we will compare the metaphors of elevating your consciousness with online yoga and meditation to the process of alchemy.


For purifying metals, they are heated at extremely high temperatures to remove any volatile substances. This bears resemblance to the first step in attaining enlightenment, which is detachment. On the path to enlightenment, one has to burn all worldly attachments such as wealth, lust, envy, greed, etc.

Just like rust is removed from iron, you have to remove your connections with this world to move on to the next step in the pathway to enlightenment. Similar to heating in calcination, this process is quite painful. It is not easy to let go of the things we have craved all our lives. Online Yoga Classes from India can help you learn how to control your mind and be free from desires, as India is the source of this Vedic wisdom.


In this stage of alchemy, the ashes are dissolved in water. The human mind contains a lot of vices, such as ego, arrogance, hatred, rage, etc. In spirituality, one must dissolve these emotions to become one with the ultimate truth. One must become free from the acquired fake identity and realize their true selves.

  • I am egoistic.
  • I am short-tempered.
  • I am arrogant.

These thoughts make it difficult for one to achieve enlightenment as they apply to the human body and brain. The ultimate truth is separate from both of them. So, one must dissolve this acquired identity to realize the ultimate truth.


After the removal of any volatile materials from the metal, the pure metal is separated from its ore. In a spiritual sense, this means separating oneself from the bindings of the mortal world. It is the realization that you are not your thoughts, emotions, feelings, body, sensations, or brain. Your true self is separate from all of these.

Once these distractions of the mortal world are removed, what remains is the true self. You have to liberate yourself from all emotions to become enlightened. Separate yourself from your inauthentic identity and connect with your true self.


In conjunction, multiple metals are combined to form an alloy, which retains the good properties of all metals, making it a much better and improved version. In spirituality, you have to combine yourself with your soul. At this stage, you are just throwing your hands in the air to grasp the ultimate truth, but you are still far from it.

First, you have to feel unified with yourself. You have to feel unified with your soul. You have to harmonize with the different elements of your being. Then you can connect with the larger soul that governs this universe.


Metals decay over time. They lose their charm and start eroding, turning from one form to another. Similarly, in spirituality, you discard your old, inauthentic identity and adopt a new one. It is like the rebirth of a phoenix from its ashes.

When you set out on the path to enlightenment, you slowly start to become detached from your identity. Your past identity starts to rot away. This is a gradual process, just like putrefaction.

You start witnessing the world with a new outlook. You realize that nothing in this mortal world is permanent. and you pay less attention to things. External stimuli no longer affect you.


This is the second last step, where every single impurity from the substance is removed, leaving nothing but the substance in its pure form.

This is where any emotions, instincts, ego, arrogance, or temper completely stop affecting your decision making. You start hearing the voice of your soul, and the chatter of everything else diminishes. Here, you are just one step away from becoming enlightened.

Online yoga and meditation are the keys in the modern world to achieving this level of consciousness. The yoga teacher training online will guide you step by step on how to get rid of all impurities and elevate your consciousness.


Here, any liquid is solidified. For example, the solidification of blood to heal the wound. In terms of spirituality, this is the final destination where your true self is solidified. You have become one with the ultimate truth and have finally achieved enlightenment.

However, you experience no joy in achieving the highest state any human can achieve. That is because you are free from all emotions. You experience no joy or develop an ego for becoming enlightened.

So, this is how alchemy and spirituality are similar. Whether it is purifying a metal or your soul, you have to follow the same steps.

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