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. These guides and drivers work hard to ensure that you have a lasting safari experience.

5 First-Time Tips For a Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is a dream location for a wildlife lover, opening a portal to a whole new world. Most safari-goers chose Tanzania for its abundance of national parks and wildlife. First-timers usually have a lot of questions in relation to preparations and what to expect on this adventurous tour.

First-time safari goer needs to be equipped with all the right information before undertaking this journey. This guide will outline 5 helpful tips to have an unforgettable safari experience.

5 First-Time Tips For a Tanzania Safari 

Do not go with a mindset that every moment will be full of thrill and excitement. Often, tourists will be driving for hours and they would not see any big animals. Our first tip is to arrange a safari trip that lasts five to seven days. 

Also, going on a Tanzania safari tour is more than seeing the big five. Tanzania is an ideal location teeming with wild aminals that you do not see everywhere. Follow the following tips to make the most out of your first-ever trip to Tanzania. 

Pack Necessities 

Do not pack an excessive amount of clothing and other unnecessary belongings for the trip. Fret not, you will get plenty of opportunities to wash your clothes as you explore the wilderness. Therefore, cramming the suitcase with excessive clothes and belongings is not advisable.

Pack camouflage, airy clothes, preferably head-to-toe khaki outfits to blend into the surroundings. Moreover, pack sunscreen, hats, binoculars, a camera, and other essentials.

Follow the Rules 

Follow the rules as they are designed for your safety, especially, since first-timers are often reluctant to follow rules. Do not drive on your own, stay inside the car, do not try to get too close to the animals, and importantly, no yelling.

Keep the camera and other belongings inside the car and follow the instructions given by the tour guide to not put your life at risk. Simply put, do not do anything foolish as you are in an environment full of aggressive animals.

Take Loads of Pictures 

Keep the camera close by as you will witness some incredible wildlife on the game drive. Take loads of pictures, later, you can keep the best ones. The safari-goer has to be alert all the time as an animal would appear at any time. 

Besides the wildlife, Tanzania is breathtakingly beautiful and will give you plenty of moments worth capturing. Capture stunning landscapes and wildlife to relieve these memories later.

Be Open-Minded 

Do not go with high expectations but with the intention to enjoy. It is an unexpected place full of surprises, simply live in the moment and relish what the wild has to offer. 

Remove the pressure of seeing the Big Five as your experience will be thrilling anyway with or without spotting the Big Five. You will get to see plenty of other wild animals and beautiful bird species for a memorable experience.

Tip Local Guide 

Lastly, do not forget to tip the safari tour guide, however, it is not mandatory. These guides and drivers work hard to ensure that you have a lasting safari experience. Keep extra cash with you to offer tips to the safari guides to appreciate their services.

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