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Seeing our favorite Pocket Monsters come to life in 'Detective Pikachu' is rad as hell, and the whole visual style is doing a lot to please our eyeballs.

Here’s why Pokémon ‘Detective Pikachu’ is the movie event of the year

For people of a certain age, Pokémon holds a very special place in our hearts – and Pikachu acts as a talisman for lost youth. Yes, we’re talking about Millennials. Pokémon is what The Goonies or Ghostbusters are to GenX.

We played Pokémon way before Gen Z got their grubby little hands on the augmented reality of Pokémon Go, and we loved Pikachu in all his kawaii adorableness before y’all was wearing long pants.

There have been a ton of negative reviews of Detective Pikachu, surely from dusty GenX critics – the Black Mirror generation, as we call them . . . you know, folks that work with computers all day, yet remain deeply suspicious of technology in fear that a mainframe is coming to eat their first born.

Don’t listen to naysayers. Detective Pikachu is awesome, not just for Gen Y but for all the generations that came after us – and here’s why.

We’re calling BS on the bad reviews because you’ve been going crazy for this movie. It pulled in over $5 million last night alone! In fact, we believe this little flick is the first video game movie ever to be at least competent. Ryan Reynolds is set to become our favorite unlikely hero of the year. Seeing our favorite Pocket Monsters come to life is rad as hell, and the whole visual style and setting is doing a lot to please our eyeballs. Just sayin’.

Their marketing department just trolled the entire internet

This is so epic. WB lovingly released a “full movie leak” earlier this week, which felt legit cuz, like, Ryan Reynolds totes endorsed it on Twitter! But it turned out to be a feature-length video of Pikachu doing aerobics to the 80s soundtrack of our dreams.

It’s strangely hypnotic. We suggest you keep it on as background when you’re at your desk today. We did and every time we look at that adorable Pokémon dancing, my heart just melts.

It’s gloriously odd

Time to get weird. ‘Member watching Super Mario Bros. or Who Framed Roger Rabbit? back in the dark ages when you weren’t able to watch movies on your phone? Spark up a doobie or three and watch the animated and real worlds collide.

The cast is allowed to have fun – and so should you

Ryan Reynolds, Bill Nighy, and Justice Smith have a whale of a time infusing their (broad) characters with empathy & purpose. Because the audience for Detective Pikachu is so wide-ranging – people between the ages of 5 and 85 have played the game – we’re allowed to have some fun watching, too.

There are layered jokes for every generation to create a genuinely multi-generational treat. The whole family can enjoy this cute furball of a film, and we suggest they ought to.

Don’t listen to the dusty critics and Star Wars fanboys. Go check out the adorable Detective Pikachu out at a cinema near you this weekend.

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