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If you want to build up a following as an influencer, then you need your YouTube videos to get great results. Top the charts with these tips.

How to Get Better Results on YouTube

YouTube used to be primarily for viewers to watch videos of interest to them. While it is still “the place” to go for streaming videos, this platform has evolved into a marketer’s dream. People with brands and businesses are flocking to YouTube to promote their products and services.

Even music promotion on youtube it possible and has been growing the past years.

Here are 4 steps to getting better results, as well as greater YouTube promotion.

Step One: Research Niche Keywords

Using the proper keywords for your content helps to raise your search engine rankings on YouTube and Google.

The easiest method for finding keywords is to take advantage of YouTube’s Search Suggest feature. Simply enter a keyword in the search and it will generate several suggestions.

These suggestions should be relevant to your niche making them immensely helpful for your SEO on YouTube. SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial to getting targeted viewers to your videos.

Another way to find great keywords is to check out popular videos that are within your niche. If a video is popular, the content creator has done their job with keywords and SEO. You can essentially copy their success.

See how these videos have been optimized in the title, description, and in video tags. You may have to find special software to see video tags, but the title and description are often representative and a good start if you are new to video creation.

One final method is to go to YouTube Studio, select Analytics from the left side menu, choose Reach from the top, and click on Traffic Source for types of reports. This information tells you the keywords YouTubers have searched to find your videos.

This last method is ideal for anyone with a few weeks on the platform with some engagement. Use these keywords or phrases more often to get better YouTube results.

There are some other ways to find good keywords, but these methods will get you started.

Step Two: Create High-Retention Videos

One of the ways to get better results (rankings) on YouTube is to publish videos that keep your audience watching. According to YouTube, audience retention is a major ranking factor.

Three factors of high-retention videos:

1) Start with a video summary. Make sure to provide viewers what content they will see by watching your video.


2) Get right to it. Viewers do not want to hear some long, drawn out introduction. Get right to the content they want to hear.

3) Use open loops. Previews about what is coming up in the video is an open loop and keeps your viewers watching.

It is important to note that if your video stinks, there is no amount of SEO optimization to fix that. Your YouTube results rely on audience retention.

Step Three: Optimize Your YouTube Videos

Not only should you use your SEO keywords in writing, but you need to say them in your video.

Add keywords to your video title in the first half of your title. Do NOT keyword stuff. If you have a long video title (10 words or more), make the first half using your keyword(s).

Place your keywords naturally into your video description because that helps you rank on YouTube and Google search.

Description Guidelines: Do Not Be Spammy

  • Include your keyword(s) within the initial 25 words
  • Write a description using at least 250 words
  • Use your keyword between 2 and 4 times

Targeted tags are important to your videos to reach out to your audience.

Tag Guidelines: Wise Usage

  • Your first tag should be your target keyword
  • Include variations of the keyword or phrase
  • Include a few tags with other information covered in your video

Step Four: Promotion and Cross-Promotion

Views will not happen without viewers. Promoting your videos is one of the basics of improving your results on YouTube.

  • Embed them on your blog
  • Share on other social media networks
  • Share via email marketing
  • Add it to your YouTube channel link to your email signature (or a specific video)
  • Create playlists for your videos for automatic continuous play on relevant subject – series

Final Thoughts

If you are trying to start a new channel or your old channel needs a boost, UseViral is a reliable, secure, safe, and effective outsourcing option that will help you get better results on YouTube.

Finally, remember to optimize your YouTube channel as well as your videos for optimal results on YouTube. The most successful YouTubers use SEO, optimization, promotion, and cross-promotion to get higher rankings and more YouTube views.

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