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Do you want more eyes on your blog? Check out our tips and tricks on how to write blog posts to drive engagement and bring in clients.

How to write an engaging blog post

It is true that one does not necessarily need to be a professional or gifted writer to write blogs; however, writing an engaging blog can be a struggle nevertheless. A good blog post is the one that poses a problem before the reader and then provides the solution. Unless and until both of these conditions are available in the blog, it cannot qualify as a good blog post.

It must be understood by the blog writer that people don’t randomly stumble upon blogs; rather, they search for content related to a certain problem they are facing. For instance, a person struggling with acne problems will seek a meaningful blog that not only discusses their skin condition in detail but also provides a practical solution. Since multiple blogs on the same topic are available for the reader to choose from, they will most likely settle for a blog that presents in-depth research on the subject and uses easy-to-understand language. Fake ID Top

Simple language

An engaging blog is one that attracts the attention of the reader and hooks them till the end of the post. If the writer uses large, difficult words and technical terms without giving a digestible explanation, it is most likely that the reader will skip and move onto another blog post. Therefore, it is important to consider the attention span and the understanding of the reader. It is also important for a writer to maintain a healthy balance between breaking down the topic in depth and the attention span of the audience.

Different figures of speech or humor can be incorporated into the text to make sure that the overall blog is light and engaging. If the writer talks about the technicalities of a topic non-stop instead of relating the content with everyday circumstances of the reader’s life, the reader will stop reading midway. In blog writing, the writer has the creative freedom to develop a writing style that they please. There are no strict writing guidelines; hence, the writer can assume whatever personality they want and write the blog freely.

The use of search engine optimization

SEO articles are the most read articles due to the clever use of keywords. It is essential for blog post writers to optimize their articles, because SEO optimization is a smart and effective method to attracting more readers and reaching a larger audience. When blog writers tend to focus on clickbait and cramming the right keywords between the paragraphs, they tend to lose sight of the real purpose of the text. Thus, a balance between optimization and relevance of the blog post must be maintained. Keywords must be used in a natural manner and must be related to the content; otherwise, it is best to leave such unnecessary words out of the text.

Format your blog

Formatting can serve as the perfect engagement technique. The format of a blog informs the reader of its content. Generally, three types or formats of blogs can be found on the internet:

  • Blogs discussing various problems and their solutions. For example, How to cook ramen?
  • Blogs discussing different types of questions. For instance, What is the most popular show on t.v.?
  • Blogs displaying lists of things, such as a list of the top 10 movies in 2012.

The key to writing the “How to” format is to make sure that the problem under discussion is presented clearly and the solution is practical. Similarly, when writing the “list” format, it is to be noted that lists are precise and digestible. The ‘question’ format is much more descriptive than lists, and it can contain multiple headings and subheadings to divide the discussion into various, digestible parts.

Editing the blog post

Re-reading and editing is the most critical aspect of blog writing. Since blogs are generally lengthy, it is possible for the writer to commit several language errors. For this purpose, many blog post writers tend to use a grammar-checking tool to edit their writing. Grammar tools not only correct grammatical mistakes such as spelling or punctuation errors but also suggest a better choice of words for the particular type of writing. If the blog is supposed to be informative, the grammar tool suggests proper words that must be used in an informative blog. Moreover, while formatting a blog, a writer must exclude all such words that are difficult to understand. Blogs usually present general information and topics that can be read by people of all ages. It is safe to assume 7th grade-level readability of the readers in order to write digestible and engaging articles.

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